Logan, Utah

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Downtown LoganDowntown Logan (03/01/2007) Downtown Logan, Utah.

Logan TempleLogan Temple (03/01/2007) The Logan Temple was announced in 1887, shortly after the announcement of the Saint George Temple.

Logan TabernacleLogan Tabernacle (03/01/2007) The Logan Tabernacle sits in the heart of Logan, Utah.

Logan TabernacleLogan Tabernacle (03/01/2007) The Logan Tabernacle sits at the heart of downtown Logan, Utah.

Edwards FurnitureEdwards Furniture (03/01/2007) This picture shows downtown Logan, Utah including the Edwards Furniture building.

Wells Fargo BuildingWells Fargo Building (03/01/2007) The Wells Fargo builing on the corner of Main and Center Street.

Logan StorefrontsLogan Storefronts (03/01/2007) The shops in downtown Logan, Utah are continue to thrive.

Logan StorefrontsLogan Storefronts (03/01/2007) This picture shows a row of shops on Main Street in Logan, Utah.

Eccles MansionEccles Mansion (03/01/2007) The Eccles Mansion on Center Street demonstrates pioneer architecture at its finest.

Presbyterian Church - LoganPresbyterian Church - Logan (03/01/2007) The Presbyterian Church at 200 West Center Street in Logan.

Charles Nibley HouseCharles Nibley House (03/01/2007) The Charles Nibley House was built in the Greek Revival Style in 1904.

Cafe SaborCafe Sabor (03/01/2007) Cafe Sabor is in the old Logan Train Station on the West end of Center Street.

SkatingSkating (03/01/2007) This skating rink is located on East Center near the LDS Tabernacle.

Logan TabernacleLogan Tabernacle (03/01/2007) This view shows the Eastern Side of the Logan LDS Tabernacle.

Logan ChurchLogan Church (03/01/2007) This building is adjacent to the LDS Tabernacle.

Apartment ComplexApartment Complex (03/01/2007) This building, which I believe is an apartment complex, is due east of the Logan Tabernacle.

Logan TabernacleLogan Tabernacle (03/01/2007) The Logan Tabernacle is on Main Street in downtown Logan, Utah.

Cache Valley BankCache Valley Bank (03/01/2007) This picture shows the Cache Valley Bank on Main Street in Logan, Utah.

Pioneer MemorialPioneer Memorial (03/01/2007) A memorial at the Logan Tabernacle commemorating Utah's Pioneers.

Books of YesterdayBooks of Yesterday (03/01/2007) Books of Yesterday is a store on Main Street in Logan, Utah.

42 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-42

Logan, Utah

Logan, Utah is a thriving community located in Cache County of Northern Utah.

If you are visiting Cache County, you will want to start your visit at the Logan Visitor Center which occupies the grand historic Cache County Court House. This structure was built in 1883 by the Logan United Order Manufacturing and Building Company and designed by the architect Truman O. Angell Jr.. The building was restored in the early 2000s. The visitor center has a wealth of maps and guides for the area.

I took this set of pictures on a cloudy.snowy day which limited subject matter.

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Logan Temple (38 pictures) This gallery shows additional photos of the Logan Temple.

Bear River (7 pictures) The Logan River flows into the Bear River Northwest of Logan City.

Logan - Center Street (30 pictures) This gallery includes additional photographs of Center Street in Logan, Utah.

Highway 89 (20 pictures) US89 and US91 join to form Logan's Main Street.


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