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Southern ExposureSouthern Exposure (02/01/2007) As I understand, a great deal of political wrangling was involved in getting the Southern Exposure Strip Club to relocate. This prime retail space was rezoned as parking ... allowing a better view of Utah's crown jewel hospital.

Intermountain Medical CampusIntermountain Medical Campus (02/01/2007) A view of the new hospital from the Costco Parking Lot.

Building BlocksBuilding Blocks (02/01/2007) The new IHC facilities in Murray stand up like shining new building blocks.

okland constructionokland construction (02/01/2007) A well placed trailer advertises a local construction firm.

Southern ViewSouthern View (02/01/2007) The view of the Intermountain Medical Center from Murray High School

IHC Medical CenterIHC Medical Center (02/01/2007) The IHC Medical Center viewed from the South.

IHC Medical CenterIHC Medical Center (02/01/2007) A view from the Murray High School Parking lot of the Intermountain Medical Center.

Murray High School StadiumMurray High School Stadium (02/01/2007) This shows the visitors' section of the Murray High School stadium with the IHC facilities in the distance.

IHC FacilitiesIHC Facilities (02/01/2007) The Intermountain Medical Center campus from the Southwest.

IHC Help WantedIHC Help Wanted (02/01/2007) The IHC Facilities sport a large help wanted sign. When opened in 2007, the medical campus will become one of the largest employers in the Salt Lake Valley.

Transportation SystemTransportation System (02/01/2007) This picture shows layered bridges to the West of IHC. The first bridge is an offramp to IHC, the second is for trax. I15 is in the distance.

5300 South5300 South (02/01/2007) This picture shows the new IHC Medical Campus from 5300 South. The area is already in the middle of a transit nightmare. The addition of a medical center will compound the issue.

Stately BuildingsStately Buildings (02/01/2007) Intermountain Heath Care is constructioning some extremely beautiful buildings.

Rock GardenRock Garden (02/01/2007) Landscapers have installed a rather intriguing rock garden on the section south of IHC. I am wondering if this will be one of the showcase rock gardens in the valley ... or just a bunch of xeriscaped weeds.

IHC FacilitiesIHC Facilities (02/01/2007) The new Intermountain Medical Center Campus framed by Mount Olympus.

Intermountain Medical Center CampusIntermountain Medical Center Campus (02/01/2007) Primary towers of the IHC medical facility.

Twin PeakTwin Peak (02/01/2007) The Intermountain Medical Center Campus framed by the Wasatch Mountains. One thing I love about Salt Lake City is that the valley provides so many beautiful views of the mountains.

IHC FacilitiesIHC Facilities (02/01/2007) A view from the West Side of the Intermountain Health Care facilities.

IHC Mount Olympus ViewIHC Mount Olympus View (02/01/2007) A view of Mount Olypus from the Intermountaian Medical Center Campus.

Medical TowersMedical Towers (02/01/2007) Medical towers in Murray, Utah.

60 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60

Intermountain Medical Center Campus

The new The Intermountain Medical Center campus in Murray (Salt Lake City Health Links) promises to be one of the most advanced medical campuses in the nation. The groundbreaking for this facility took place in September 2003. The $362.5 million dollar facility is slated for opening in the Fall of 2007 (IHC News Release).

This 100 acre campus consists of 5 speciality hospitals with 1.2 million square feet of space. The centers include:

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