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Geek SquadGeek Squad (02/13/2014) Units from the Murray Best Buy Geek Squad are ready to roll into action.

Life FlightLife Flight (02/13/2014) The life flight helicopter at the IHC complex in Murray.

Intermountain Medical CenterIntermountain Medical Center (02/13/2014) A view of the IHC complex from State Street.

Intermountain Medical CenterIntermountain Medical Center (02/13/2014) A view of the IHC complex from State Street in Murray.

Intermountain Medical Center in MurrayIntermountain Medical Center in Murray (02/13/2014) The IHC facility viewed from State Street.

IHC FramedIHC Framed (10/25/2007) This telephoto shot from the Churchill Playing field shows IHC framed by the Oquirrh mountains.

IHC from the ParkIHC from the Park (10/02/2007) A view of IHC from Murray Park.

Last Phase of ConstructionLast Phase of Construction (10/02/2007) This is the last phase of construction at the new IHC facility which is slated to open in November.

Mimi s Cafe - MurrayMimi s Cafe - Murray (10/02/2007) Mimi's Cafe in Murray framed by the new IHC Facility.

New HospitalNew Hospital (03/31/2006) The new IHC Hospital tower in Murray, seen from the Trax parking lot.

IHC HospitalIHC Hospital (02/01/2007) The new Intermountain Medical Center viewed from State Street in Murray.

Intermountain Medical CenterIntermountain Medical Center (02/01/2007) The Eastern Entrance to the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray.

Face of a New HospitalFace of a New Hospital (02/01/2007) The New Intermountain Medical Campus in Murray, Utah.

Final Stages of ConstructionFinal Stages of Construction (02/01/2007) The final stages of construction of the IHC Health Care Facility viewed from the Costco parking lot.

IHC Hospital TowerIHC Hospital Tower (03/31/2006) The new IHC Hospital tower in Murray.

Hospital ConstructionHospital Construction (03/31/2006) Construction of new hospital in Murray (seen from the Trax station).

Constructing a TowerConstructing a Tower (03/31/2006) The construction of the new IHC hospital in Murray.

Crane at WorkCrane at Work (03/31/2006) A crane lifts construction material to add to the new IHC tower in Murray.

Tower ConstructionTower Construction (03/31/2006) A crane lifting materials to add to the IHC Hospital in Murray, Utah.

State Liquor StoreState Liquor Store (02/01/2007) Picture includes the State Liquor store on State framed by the IHC medical building in the distance. This convenient set up will help doctors get liquored up before surgery.

60 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60

Intermountain Medical Center Campus

The new The Intermountain Medical Center campus in Murray (Salt Lake City Health Links) promises to be one of the most advanced medical campuses in the nation. The groundbreaking for this facility took place in September 2003. The $362.5 million dollar facility is slated for opening in the Fall of 2007 (IHC News Release).

This 100 acre campus consists of 5 speciality hospitals with 1.2 million square feet of space. The centers include:

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