Parowan Canyon

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Winding RoadWinding Road (10/01/2006) Parowan Canyon is a steep winding road. The upper section of the canyon has few pull outs.

FormationsFormations (10/01/2006) Formations in Parowan Canyon.

Improvisational Road RepairImprovisational Road Repair (10/01/2006) The idea of trying to build a bridge with a security door probably sounded like a really good idea ... after downing a few beers that is.

Unnatural Bridge?Unnatural Bridge? (10/01/2006) Here is an interesting looking `natural bridge` in a chalkstone formation in Parowan Canyon. The feature wasn't marked on the map. As it is easy to dig through this formation, I can't help but wonder if it was improved by the locals.

Hole in the RockHole in the Rock (10/01/2006) I camped at this hole in the rock.

Fall Colors in Parowan CanyonFall Colors in Parowan Canyon (10/01/2006) Fall Colors in Parowan Canyon.

Parowan CliffsParowan Cliffs (10/01/2006)

Utah Route 143Utah Route 143 (10/01/2006) Cliffs along route 143 through Parowan Canyon.

Parowan Canyon FormationsParowan Canyon Formations (10/01/2006) Formations in Parowan Canyon.

Arch?Arch? (10/01/2006) I couldn't decide if this parowan canyon formation as an arch or a broken rock.

Parowan CanyonParowan Canyon (10/01/2006) The middle section of Parowan Canyon passes an interesting collection of cliffs.

Parowan CanyonParowan Canyon (10/01/2006) Parowan Canyon near the road to Dry Lake.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/01/2006) Fall Colors in Parowan Canyon.

Second Left Hand RoadSecond Left Hand Road (10/01/2006) A side road in Parowan Canyon.

Parowan CreekParowan Creek (10/01/2006) The creek in Parowan Canyon.

WaterworksWaterworks (10/01/2006) The waterworks on Parowan canyon were built early in the electronic age to provide power to the region.

Nathan Benson, SrNathan Benson, Sr (10/01/2006) A memorial to Nathan Benson Senior who operated a water saw mill in this area in the 1880s.

Bright IdeaBright Idea (10/01/2006) Someone had a bright idea that old cars could be used for erosion control.

Car ConstructionCar Construction (10/01/2006) Old cars used for erosion control along Parowan Canyon.

Improvised BridgeImprovised Bridge (10/01/2006) This pipe is used to access the North side of the creek.

Lower Parowan CanyonLower Parowan Canyon (10/01/2006) Lower section of Parowan Canyon.

RanchRanch (10/01/2006) A ranch near the mouth of Parowan Canyon.

Parowan CemetaryParowan Cemetary (10/01/2006) A cemetary near the mouth of Parowan Canyon.

Fancy HouseFancy House (10/01/2006) An interesting house at the mouth of Parowan Canyon.

Unfinished HouseUnfinished House (10/01/2006) An unfinished house at the base of Parowan Canyon.

1-25 Pictures

SR 143 - Parowan Canyon

Utah Highway 143 runs through Parowan Canyon from Parowan Utah to Brian Head Resort.

Finish Line

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