Cedar Canyon

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Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Entrance to Cedar Canyon to the East of Cedar City.

Side RoadSide Road (10/01/2006) A side road at Milts Utah climbs to the Base of Lone Tree Mountain.

Coal CreekCoal Creek (10/01/2006) Coal Creek is a primary source of water for Cedar City.

Coal CreekCoal Creek (10/01/2006) A view of Coal Creek from the bridge near Milts, Utah.

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Cedar Canyon east of Cedar City, Utah.

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Cedar Canyon East of Cedar City.

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Cedar Canyon outside Cedar City, Utah.

Canyon BendCanyon Bend (10/01/2006) A long slow bend carved into the ancient sandstone of Cedar Canyon East of Cedar City, Utah.

Cedar Canyon in the FallCedar Canyon in the Fall (10/01/2006) Highway 14 in the Fall.

SUU Mountain CenterSUU Mountain Center (10/01/2006) A getaway for Southern Utah University along Highway 14.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/01/2006) Southern Utah puts on her Fall Colors above Cedar City.

Wood Ranch Recreation AreaWood Ranch Recreation Area (10/01/2006) As I recall, this is the Wood Ranch Recreation area on S14.

Fall Colors in Cedar CanyonFall Colors in Cedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Fall Colors on State 14.

Desert PlateauDesert Plateau (10/01/2006) Aspen in the Cedar City area

Pink CliffsPink Cliffs (10/01/2006) Pink Cliffs viewed from State Road 14 near Cedar City, Utah.

State Route 14 at Pink CliffsState Route 14 at Pink Cliffs (10/01/2006) SR 14 needs to wind through a little section of pink cliffs, then we will be at the top.

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Looking back down SR14 toward Cedar City and aspen covered mountains of Utah.

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006)

Road CutRoad Cut (10/01/2006) This road cut in Cedar Canyon exposes some relatively recent Sandstone. It is interesting how this chalky stone has eroded since the digging of the road cut.

Zion OverlookZion Overlook (10/01/2006) A telephoto view toward Zion Canyon from SR14 near Cedar Breaks. (Click picture for larger view).

Zion Canyon OverlookZion Canyon Overlook (10/01/2006) This is a wider view from the Zion Canyon Overlook on SR14 near Cedar Breaks. Click picture for close up.

Navajo LakeNavajo Lake (10/01/2006) This picture provides a glimpse of the Navajo Lake Causeway viewed from Utah Highway 14.

Lava FlowsLava Flows (10/01/2006) Navajo Lake was formed by these lava flows on the Aquarius Plateau a few thousand years ago. That is not very long ago.

1-23 Pictures

Cedar Canyon

This gallery includes pictures of Cedar Canyon that starts just east of Cedar City, Utah

then climbs into the plateau containing Cedar Mountain, Cedar Breaks National Monument and Brian Head ski resort.


Context: Desert

Cedar City, Utah (93 pictures) The Canyon is to the East of Cedar City.

Kolob Plateau (26 pictures) The Cedar Canyon Road connects with the dirt road through the Kolob Plateau.

Navajo Lake (13 pictures) Route 14 runs to the North of Navajo Lake.

Cedar Breaks National Monument (51 pictures) Cedar Canyon accesses Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Parowan Canyon (25 pictures) Parowan Canyon is to the north of Cedar Canyon.


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