Aceraceae Family

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Red MountainRed Mountain (10/03/2017) The Big Tooth Maple leaves have the Wasatch draped in reddish orange this year. This little limestone hill is at the mouth of Neff Canyon. This mountain contains one of the deepest caves on the planet.

Maple LeafMaple Leaf (10/20/2008) A single maple leaf from Neff Canyon.

Cloth BackgroundCloth Background (10/20/2008) The leaves are framed against a cloth background with a floral pattern.

Green BackgroundGreen Background (10/20/2008) The leaves are silhouetted against a green plastic table.

In SunshineIn Sunshine (10/20/2008) This picture shows maple leaves in sunshine backed by a chalkboard green background.

Maple LeavesMaple Leaves (10/20/2008) Maple leaves on a light green formica table.

Texture of LeavesTexture of Leaves (10/20/2008) Maple leaves on a blue floor matt.

Monster MapleMonster Maple (10/27/2008) A maple tree with large yellow leaves was growing in Neff Creek Canyon. I placed a quarter next to the leaf.

Large Maple LeafLarge Maple Leaf (10/27/2008) In Utah, the maple trees are small, but they make up for that in the size of the leaves.

Bigtooth MapleBigtooth Maple (10/04/2017) This is a leaf of the Bigtooth Maple. It turns red in early Fall and can blanket the Wasatch in a deep red coat.

1-10 Pictures

Aceraceae Family

This gallery shows images related to the Aceraceae family, commonly known as maple. The family includes shrubs and trees noted for distinctive sharp toothed leaves.

Apparently maples are often included in the Sapindaceae (Soapwood) family.

In the Wasatch Mountains, the maple trees are prone to turn a bright red in fall. The first set of pictures in this gallery was part of an experiment to see how the leaves fared against different backtground.

The three leaves came from Neffs Canyon.

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Neff's Canyon (256 pictures) Several of the leaves shown in this gallery came from Neff Canyon.

Trees (25 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of trees.


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