Fagaceae Family

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Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/27/2008) I stole several of the oak leaves from along the pipeline trail for further investigation.

Collection of Oak LeavesCollection of Oak Leaves (10/27/2008) There are numerous species of shrub oak with different sizes and colors of leaves.

Middle Fork Taylor CreekMiddle Fork Taylor Creek (10/01/2006) An oak tree hanging over the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek in the Kolob Region.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/01/2006) The oak leaves were a stunning rusted yellow.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (05/15/2007) The shrub oak in Mill B have slightly smaller leaves with a more pronounced teeth than those of Neff and Mill Creek.

Mill B TrailMill B Trail (05/15/2007) The Mill B Trail cuts through a forest of Shrub Oak.

Shrub OakShrub Oak (05/08/2001)

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/09/2007) Oak leave turn a rustic brown during the fall.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/09/2007) These rustic red oak leaves line the Mount Aire Trail in the Wasatch.

Oak TreeOak Tree (01/21/2008) A little piece of the oak tree that I am carefully nurturing sticks out of the snow. I hope it survives the winter.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (05/25/2013) Tiny oak leaves in the Early Spring.

Oak LeafOak Leaf (10/16/2017) The oaks are turning color. The fall leaves are a light brown. They are pretty but not quite as stunning as yellow aspen or deep red maple.

Oak Tree MushroomOak Tree Mushroom (10/28/2017) This mushroom was growing out of a recently deceased oak tree.

1-13 Pictures

Fagaceae Family

The Fagaceae Family (beech) is a family flowering plants with alternate leaves, catkins for flowers and produce nuts. The most notable member of the family is the Oak (Querus spp.).

A catkin is a slim, cylindrical flower cluster taht is pollenated through the wind.

The Mountain West sports a variety of shrub oak.


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