Portulacaceae Family

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Spring BeautiesSpring Beauties (06/03/2006) Spring Beauties in the high Uintas.

Spring BeautiesSpring Beauties (05/19/2006) These little Spring Beauties were growing under a on the trail in Neffs Canyon. Watch where you tread. Don't stomp on beautiful things. These are the in Purslane Family (Portulacaceae Claytonia ???).

Spring BeautySpring Beauty (04/27/2006) This is a little tiny flower called Spring Beauty. It is in the Purslane family (portulacaceae) perhaps it is the Claytonia lanceolata.

Spring BeautySpring Beauty (04/27/2006) Trying to get a close up of a Spring Beauty.

Live From Under the RockLive From Under the Rock (06/03/2006) Spring Beauties peeking out from under a rock in the cold High Uintas.

Spring BeautySpring Beauty (05/15/2007) The Spring Beauty (Claytonia spp.) is a notable early bloomer.

BitterrootBitterroot (04/26/2008) Bitterroot preparing to bloom.

1-7 Pictures

Portulacaceae Family

Portulacaceae (Purslane family) refers to a family of flowering plants and herbs. This family includes about 500 species in 20 genera. Notably the family includes the Portulaca which is often grown in local gardens and the Spring Beauty which seems to pop out from under the snow in the early spring. I have seen Spring Beauties in full bloom on ground that was covered just a day or two before.


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