Court Houses and City Buildings

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Lake County BuildingLake County Building (10/25/2007) Polson is the seat of Lake County in Western Montana.

Ogden City BuildingOgden City Building (04/30/2008) The Ogden City Building from 25th Street.

Matheson CourthouseMatheson Courthouse (04/15/2009) The Matheson Courthouse building on State Street in Salt Lake City.

Millard County CourthouseMillard County Courthouse (09/23/2006) Administrative building in downtown Fillmore, Utah.

Beaver County Court HouseBeaver County Court House (10/25/2006) The Beaver County Courthouse in Beaver, Utah.

Cache County CourthouseCache County Courthouse (03/01/2007) The historic Cache County Courthouse in Logan Utah was built in 1883. It is currently used as a visitor information center.

Sweetwater County CourthouseSweetwater County Courthouse (05/26/2007) The Sweetwater County Courthouse is a modern structure with interesting lines and textures.

Sweetwater CourthouseSweetwater Courthouse (05/26/2007) The two layers of trees and bushes outside the Sweetwater County Courthouse give the building a very interesting texture.

Summit County CourthouseSummit County Courthouse (02/11/2008) The Summit County Court House was designed by FC Woods and Sons Architecture and built during 1903 and 1904 for a staggering $20,000.

1-9 Pictures

Court Houses and City Buildings

The County Court House and City offices are often the architectural pride of a community. This gallery is simply an index of some of the court houses and city buildings that I have encountered.

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