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Park City SkateparkPark City Skatepark (06/12/2008) This is the lower section of the sizeable skate park that takes up much of the Park City City Park.

SkateparkSkatepark (09/23/2006) The Skatepark in Fillmore Utah.

Skatepark RampsSkatepark Ramps (09/23/2006) Ramps at the Fillmore City Park Skatepark.

SkateparkSkatepark (09/23/2006) Ramps at the Fillmore, Utah Skatepark.

Fairmont SkateparkFairmont Skatepark (03/23/2007) This is the west side of the Skatepark in Fairmont Park.

Fairmont SkateparkFairmont Skatepark (03/23/2007) This picture shows the east side of Fairmont Skatepark. There is a strange piece of art in the park that you can view from Interstate 80 in Salt Lake City.

Preparing for a JumpPreparing for a Jump (03/23/2007) A young skater prepares for a jump at the Fairmont Skatepark in Sugarhouse Park.

Fairmont SkateparkFairmont Skatepark (03/23/2007) Skaters practicing at the skate park in Fairmont Park of the Sugarhouse District.

Park City SkateparkPark City Skatepark (06/12/2008) This is the middle section of the Park City Skatepark.

Park City SkateparkPark City Skatepark (06/12/2008) Park City has a sizeable skatepark with a variety of challenges for skaters of all levels.

Park City Skate ParkPark City Skate Park (06/12/2008) This is a landscape view of the Park City Skate Park.

1-11 Pictures


In recent years, cities and towns across the United States have been throwing money into building skate parks. While skateparks are not the primary focus of this effort, I decided that this is an important phenomena, and created this gallery as an index of skateparks.

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