Lehi High School

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Lehi High SchoolLehi High School (10/02/2006) Main entrance to Lehi High School.

Entrance to Lehi HighEntrance to Lehi High (10/02/2006) Flag waving over entrance to Lehi High School.

Lehi High SchoolLehi High School (10/02/2006) Entrance to Lehi High School in Utah County.

Northwest CornerNorthwest Corner (10/02/2006) A colorful tree on the Northwest corner of Lehi High School.

Lehi HighLehi High (10/02/2006) Courtyard at Lehi High.

Mt Timp ViewMt Timp View (10/02/2006) A view of Mount Timpanogos from the North side of Lehi High.

Lehi Roller MillsLehi Roller Mills (10/02/2006) Lehi Roller Mills viewed from the Lehi High stadium.

Lehi PioneersLehi Pioneers (10/02/2006) Lehi Pioneers stadium.

Pioneer FieldPioneer Field (10/02/2006) The Lehi Pioneer's field with Mount Timpanogos in the distance.

L TrackL Track (10/02/2006) The Lehi Pioneers running track.

Lehi Pioneers ViewLehi Pioneers View (10/02/2006) Picture includes the Lehi Pioneers field, the Lehi Roller Mills and Cascade Mountain in the distance.

Lehi HighLehi High (10/02/2006) Entrance to Lehi High School.

1-12 Pictures

Lehi High School

This gallery shows pictures of Lehi High School. The school is due West of the Lehi Roller Mills (a landmark on I15 in northern Utah County.

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Context: Schools - Utah

Lehi, Utah (19 pictures) Lehi High School serves Lehi and northern Utah County.

Mount Timapnogos (25 pictures) The school has a majestic view of Mount Timpanogos.

Utah Schools (54 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of other schools in Utah.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) You can access the school from the main Lehi exit on I15.


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