Lehi, Utah

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Fast Food RestaurantFast Food Restaurant (10/02/2006) Restaurant at the Lehi Intersection of I15 (exit 282).

Lehi Roller MillsLehi Roller Mills (10/02/2006) Lehi Roller Mills continues to operate (a gentle reminder of the argicultural past of Utah Valley).

Lehi Roller MillsLehi Roller Mills (10/02/2006) Lehi Roller Mills in Utah County.

Lehi Roller MillsLehi Roller Mills (10/02/2006) Lehi Roller Mills viewed from the Lehi High stadium.

Ream s Western OutfittersReam s Western Outfitters (10/02/2006) The

Historic HouseHistoric House (10/02/2006) House on Main Street in Lehi.

The Colonial HouseThe Colonial House (10/02/2006) Picture of the Colonial House reception center in downtown Lehi, Utah.

Downtown Lehi, UtahDowntown Lehi, Utah (10/02/2006) Lehi has a beautiful traditional western style downtown with a collection of unique, independent businesses.

Main Street Lehi, UtahMain Street Lehi, Utah (10/02/2006) Picture shows the main street in Lehi, Utah.

Historic HouseHistoric House (10/02/2006) House on Main Street in Lehi, Utah.

Lehi, UtahLehi, Utah (10/02/2006)

Lehi, UtahLehi, Utah (10/02/2006)

Lehi Justice CourtLehi Justice Court (10/02/2006) A court building in Lehi, Utah.

Lehi Fire DepartmentLehi Fire Department (10/02/2006) The Lehi Fire Department.

John Hutchings MuseumJohn Hutchings Museum (10/02/2006) This adobe mission style building houses the John Hutchings Museum and Veterans Memorial.

Pioneer ArchitecturePioneer Architecture (10/02/2006) An interesting example of traditional pioneer architecture in Lehi.

Recreation ComplexRecreation Complex (10/02/2006) A recreation complex in Lehi, Utah.

John Hutchings MuseumJohn Hutchings Museum (10/02/2006) The Lehi museum from the rear.

Lehi, UtahLehi, Utah (10/02/2006)

1-19 Pictures

Lehi, Utah

Lehi is a small community in the northern reaches of Utah County. The town sports a traditional downtown stretch on State Route 73 (exit 282 on I15).

Lehi is a choice location for businesses and individuals wanting access to markets in both Utah County and Salt Lake County. The result is that Lehi has been growing at a remarkable pace in the last several decades and has been able to attract premiere destinations including Thanksgiving Point.

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Lehi High School (12 pictures) This gallery includes a dozen shots of Lehi High School.

Provo, Utah (17 pictures) Provo is the county seat of Utah County.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) You can see the Lehi Roller Mills from I15.

Highway 89 (20 pictures) U89 is a major road running North/South through Lehi.

Mount Timapnogos (25 pictures) Lehi is West of Mount Timpanogos.

Alpine Loop (101 pictures) The Alpine Loop runs up the American Fork River and wraps around on the east side of Mount Timpanogos.

Draper, Utah (9 pictures) Draper is north of Lehi in Salt Lake County.


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