Storm Mountain

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PowerplantPowerplant (06/08/2006) A power plant just below Storm Mountain. This plant was constructed in 1895 and was one of the first plants to transmit energy in ACDC.

Big Cottonwood PowerplantBig Cottonwood Powerplant (06/08/2006) The powerplant has a construction date of 1895, making this one of the first powerplants in the Mountainwest.

Big Cottonwood Power PlantBig Cottonwood Power Plant (06/08/2006) If you are going to build a building in the mountains it should be a cool building like this 1895 Powerplant in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Yellow RosesYellow Roses (06/08/2006) A bush with yellow roses over the roaring waters of Big Cottonwood Canyon at the Storm Mountain Powerplant.

Water and RosesWater and Roses (06/08/2006) This scene of Water and Roses is at the Powerplant just below Storm Mountain.

Architectural DetailArchitectural Detail (06/08/2006) The architectural details of 19th century buildings are much more interesting than modern construction. This is the entrance to a public restroom at the powerplant below Storm Mountain.

Big Cottonwood PowerplantBig Cottonwood Powerplant (06/08/2006) Anothre shot of the Powerplant below Storm Mountain.

WaterworksWaterworks (06/08/2006) This picture shows Big Cottonwood just below the Storm Mountain area. The water pipe brings water from Storm Mountain to the powerplant.

Nikki Bernhisel (1990-2006)Nikki Bernhisel (1990-2006) (06/08/2006) A sad memorial for a young (16 year-old) Nikki Bernhisel who drowned in Big Cottonwood while trying to cross the creek on a rope bridge to get to a climbing area called The Slips.

MemorialMemorial (06/08/2006) A sad memorial for a 16 year-old Nikki Bernhisel who drowned while trying to cross Big Cottonwood. Reports say she was half way across a rope bridge, panicked and fell off into the raging creek.

Remnants of an Ancient SeaRemnants of an Ancient Sea (06/08/2006) The canyon near Storm Mountain cuts through layers of Quartzites and Shale. Quartzites is deposits of sand that's gone through a metamorphic process. Slate is mud that has gone through metamorphisis.

Slate CliffSlate Cliff (06/08/2006) This slate cliff was uncovered to make the Big Cottonwood canyon road.

Metamorphic StrataMetamorphic Strata (06/08/2006) Layers of metamorphic rock near the Storm Mountain Recreation Area.

Big Cottonwood BridgeBig Cottonwood Bridge (06/08/2006) The bridge just below Storm Mountain.

Near Storm MountainNear Storm Mountain (06/08/2006) Big Cottonwood Creek widing through the Storm Mountain area.

Big Cottonwood Canyon BridgeBig Cottonwood Canyon Bridge (06/08/2006) This picture from near Storm Mountain shows Big Cottonwood Creek and the new bridge. The canyon road has a steep grade from Salt Lake City to the ski areas in the Wasatch.

MountainsideMountainside (06/08/2006) Mountainside near Storm Mountain.

Stairs GulchStairs Gulch (06/08/2006) Stairs Gulch on the side of Storm Mountain.

Storm Mountain FormationStorm Mountain Formation (06/08/2006) The pink stuff is quartzites, the dark layers are slate.

Storm Mountain AreaStorm Mountain Area (06/08/2006) The paybooth at the entrance to the Storm Mountain Picnic area.

48 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-48

Storm Mountain

Storm Mountain is a small park in Big Cottonwood Canyon that is popular for group meetings and picnics. The mountains in this area are composed of a combination of quartzites and shale. Quartzites is metamorphic rock composed of sandstone. Shale is a metamorphic rock composed of shales and clays (from the bottom of lakes and seas). Storm Mountain is also a popular climbing area with a variety of routes for beginning through intermediate climber.

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The Storm Mountain area includes an ampitheatre built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and has one of the first power plants built in the Western United States. A water plant in the park pipes water to a working generator below the park. The plaque on the building claims the power plant was built in 1895 and that it was one of the first plants to generate an alternating current.


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Big Cottonwood Canyon (151 pictures) Storm Mountain is in the heart of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The park is in the Wasatch Mountains.


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