Pioneer Park

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Craft BoothsCraft Booths (10/08/2011) Craft booths at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Craft BoothsCraft Booths (10/08/2011) A craft booth with a necklace display at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Produce DisplayProduce Display (10/08/2011) Fruit and vegetables at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Bingham CycleryBingham Cyclery (10/08/2011) Bingham Cyclery occupies an interesting loft building next to Pioneer Park.

Tent VillageTent Village (10/08/2011) OccupySLC had a tent village in the middle of Pioneer Park.

Pioneer Park FacilitiesPioneer Park Facilities (10/08/2011) The central facilities at Pioneer Park.

Craft BoothsCraft Booths (10/08/2011) Craft booths line the Pioneer Park walkway during the Farmers Market.

Craft BoothsCraft Booths (10/08/2011) Craft Booths at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Line of BoothsLine of Booths (10/08/2011) A line of booths at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Sanitation FacilitiesSanitation Facilities (10/08/2011) Overflow facilities used for the Farmers Market.

Thai Chef To GoThai Chef To Go (10/08/2011) A restaurant booth for the Farmers Market.

Waste Wise StationWaste Wise Station (10/08/2011) A WasteWise Station helps people separate recyclables from the trash in Pioneer Park.

Loft AuctionLoft Auction (10/08/2011) A big sign advertising a loft auction. The starting price seems reasonable. I wonder what maintenance fees they charge?

Farmers MarketFarmers Market (10/08/2011) A booth at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Parking on the GrassParking on the Grass (10/08/2011) People park on the grass at the Farmers Market ... which is not good for the grass.

Tire Tracks on GrassTire Tracks on Grass (10/08/2011) Trucks serving the market seem to be damaging the grass in the park.

Through the MudThrough the Mud (10/08/2011) The people at the Farmers Market drive on the grass turning the park into a mud pit.

Live MusicLive Music (10/08/2011) The Farmers Market features live music each Saturday in the morning. In many cases, the Farmers Market is the first time in years that the musicians experienced morning.

Back Side of the BoothsBack Side of the Booths (10/08/2011) A view of the back side of the craft booths.

Down Town AllianceDown Town Alliance (10/08/2011) The downtown alliance is host to the Farmers Market.

47 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-47

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park was set aside in the earliest days of the Salt Lake Valley for community festivities. On the West side of downtown, the park gradually fell into disrepair. In the 1970s, the Park was home to many transients and had an unsavory reputation. In recent years, there has been a major effort to reinvigorate Salt Lake's West Side. The most notable change to the park has been the establishment of a weekly Farmer's Market and Crafts Market.


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Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) Pioneer Park is on Salt Lake's West Side.

Salt Lake Parks (26 pictures) Pictures of other Parks in the Salt Lake Valley.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Pioneer Park is near downtown Salt Lake City.


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