Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Little Cottonwood Creek--SnowbirdLittle Cottonwood Creek--Snowbird (03/25/2001)

Albion BasinAlbion Basin (07/29/2006) Mountains in the Albion Basin.

Albion BasinAlbion Basin (07/29/2006) Looking toward Little Cottonwood Canyon from Albion Basin.

Albion BasinAlbion Basin (07/29/2006) Albion Basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Albion BasinAlbion Basin (07/29/2006) Looking toward Little Cottonwood Canyon from the Albion Basin.

The Albion BasinThe Albion Basin (07/29/2006) This image shows the Albion Basin. The fields are covered with a diversity of flowers.

Alta LiftAlta Lift (07/29/2006) A lift at Alta Ski area (in the summer time).

Mountain MoverMountain Mover (07/29/2006) Large dump truck at Alta Ski Area in the Albion Basin.

Snow Making EquipmentSnow Making Equipment (07/29/2006) Snow making equipment stored for the summer at Alta.

Alta BuildingAlta Building (07/29/2006) Building at Alta Ski Area.

AltaAlta (07/29/2006) Alta Ski Area in Little Cottonwood Canyon. While locals cannot afford to visit this area in the Winter, they can visit in the summer.

Alta SlopesAlta Slopes (07/29/2006) The mountain slopes near Alta.

Alta in the SummerAlta in the Summer (07/29/2006) Alta in the Summer.

Little Cottonwood CanyonLittle Cottonwood Canyon (07/29/2006) Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Alta area.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/02/2007) With little fan fare, Little Cottonwood Creek ducks under State Street in Murray.

Little CottonwoodLittle Cottonwood (10/02/2007) A trail along Little Cottonwood Creek in Murray Park.

1-16 Pictures

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Little Cottonwood Canyon is one of the primary canyons and attractions of the Wasatch Mountains to the East of Salt Lake City. Featuring towering granite cliffs and mountain meadows full of wildflowers, this is one on primary destinations for hikers in the Wasatch.

Unfortunately, at this time I am helping care for a young dog named Coco. Dogs are not allowed in either Little or Big Cottonwood Canyons. That means my gallery is short of photos of this spectacular area.

Context: Mountains

Albion Basin (86 pictures) The Albion Basins is just above Alta Ski area in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Little Cottonwood Canyon is a central feature of the Wasatch Mountains.

Big Cottonwood Canyon (151 pictures) Big Cottonwood Canyon is North of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard Takes a short diversion up the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Murray City Park (84 pictures) Little Cottonwood Creek flows through Murray City Park.


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