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Huntsman Cancer InstituteHuntsman Cancer Institute (07/13/2006) This is a new (completed 2004) state of the art facility for treating cancer.

IHC Hospital TowerIHC Hospital Tower (03/31/2006) The new IHC Hospital tower in Murray.

University HospitalUniversity Hospital (07/13/2006) The University Hospital at the University of Utah.

SkywaySkyway (07/13/2006) A walk way to the University of Utah Hospital.

Leading EdgeLeading Edge (07/13/2006) A wing of the new Huntsman Cancer Institute building. My guess is that this is the leading edge wing of the hospital.

Miners HospitalMiners Hospital (06/12/2008) The old Park City Miner's Hospital, below the city park was built in 1904. It is currently used as City Office Space

U HospitalsU Hospitals (04/17/2010) Primary Children's Hospital and the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah.

LabCorpLabCorp (06/07/2013) You can order medical tests directly through LabCorp (PersonalLabs). This is the LabCorp facility in Murray.

1-8 Pictures

Pictures of Hospitals

Health care is a major component of the American economy. Hospitals provide housing and treatment facilities for the sick. Hospitals are also a matter of great civic pride. This gallery includes pictures of Hospitals from the different towns I encounter on my voyages.

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Context: Buildings

University Medical Center (94 pictures) A more detailed view of hospitals at the University of Utah, including the new Huntsman Cancer Institute.

IHC Campus (60 pictures) Pictures of the new (2007) Intermountain Health Care Facility in Murray.


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