Malvaceae Family

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Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (07/02/2008) Globe Mallow can turn a section of the garden a deep orange.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (06/06/2009) The Globe Mallow adds a bright swath of orange to a Utah garden.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (06/06/2009) Globe Mallow is a wonderful low water plant ideal for native gardens in the Mountain West.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (05/25/2006) The Desert Globe Mallow is an ideal plant for low water gardens in the Mountain West. The Mallow ins genus Sphaeralcea in the Malvaceae family.

HollyhockHollyhock (07/09/2006) A Hollyhock growing along Mill Creek Canyon Road.

HollyhocksHollyhocks (07/09/2006) A Hollyhock growing along the Mill Creek Road.

HollyhockHollyhock (07/21/2006) Hollyhock growing along the Grandeur Peak Trail.

HollyhockHollyhock (07/21/2006) Hollyhock along the Church Fork of Mill Creek.

Mountain FlowersMountain Flowers (07/21/2006) Flowers (most likely Hollyhock) near the summit of Grandeur Peak.

Mountain Hollyhock?Mountain Hollyhock? (07/14/2010) My first guess was Wild Hollyhock but I am used to large lobed leaves.

Mountain Hollyhock?Mountain Hollyhock? (07/14/2010) I want this delightful flower to be a Mountain Hollyhock, but I am hesitant on ID as most hollyhock has large lobed leaves.

CheeseWeedCheeseWeed (06/06/2010) Cheeseweed (Malva parviflora) is a member of the Mallow Family from North Africa or Asia.

1-12 Pictures

Mallow Family

This page includes pictures of the Mallow Family (Malvaceae). In the mountain west, I often come across Globemallow and Hollyhock.

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