Mysteriaceae Family

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Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (07/21/2006) A mystery flower with white trumpeting flowers.

Mystery PlantMystery Plant (07/21/2006) A mystery plant on the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Indian TobaccoIndian Tobacco (07/29/2006)

Mustard?Mustard? (07/29/2006)

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (07/29/2006)

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (06/08/2006) This mystery flower was growing on a bush in the Storm Mountain Picnic area.

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (09/18/2006)

White FlowersWhite Flowers (06/20/2006)

White FlowersWhite Flowers (06/20/2006)

Fuzzy PictureFuzzy Picture (06/20/2006) A fuzzy picture of a fuzzy flower.

Mysterious FlowerMysterious Flower (10/01/2006) This is a cool plant. It stands about 8 feet high and has bright yellow flowers.

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (10/01/2006) A close up of a mystery flower in Middle Fork of Taylor Creek Canyon.

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (10/01/2006)

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (10/01/2006) Another mystery plant from the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek.

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (03/04/2007) This hardy little plant was blooming on March 5th. The plant is extremely small.

Winter FlowerWinter Flower (03/04/2007) This tiny little flower was blooming on Stansbury Island on March 5. Stansbury Island is popular with local flower enthusiasts as it is the first place to bloom in the Salt Lake Valley each year.

Mysterious PlantsMysterious Plants (04/08/2007) These mysterious little plants were growing alongside the Skyline Trail.

Mystery PlantMystery Plant (04/08/2007) A mystery plant along the Red Butte Canyon Trail.

Mystery FlowersMystery Flowers (04/08/2007) Flowers along the Red Butte Canyon Trail.

ShrubShrub (05/15/2007) I don't know how to spell the name of this shrub! I will file it in the Mystery plants for now. The shrub is common, I rarely see it in bloom.

77 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-77

Mysteriaceae Family

The Mysteriaceae Family is a large family of bloomin' plants found throughout the world. The family includes flowers of all colors and shape of leaves. The family includes many trees and most species of grass. The Mysteriaceae family also includes little birds. You know, the brown jobs that jump from branch to branch. Some taxanomists include snakes and little bugs in the family as well.

If you sleep under the stars in the mountains, sometimes a mysteriaceae will crawl in your sleeping bag. It is best to dump out your boots before putting them on to make sure some sort of Mysteriaceae doesn't bite your toes.

The Mysteriaceae family is not recognized by all taxanomists. Species from this family are routinely reclassified in other recognized families. However, botanists who've spent a great amount of time in the field realize that the world is full of Mysteriaceae.

Although the Mysteriaceae family is the most diverse of all plant families, a Mysteriaceae is quite easy to identify. If you stare at a plant for awhile, and can't figure out what it is, it belongs to the Mysteriaceae family.

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