Crassulaceae Family

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Hens and ChicksHens and Chicks (07/08/2009) In good water years (lots of early spring moisture) the Hens and Chicks bloom

Hens and ChickHens and Chick (08/07/2007) These are the flowers of the Hens and Chick plant. This is the first time I've seen the flower blooming.

SedumSedum (07/09/2006) The Sedum is a popular ground cover. The Genus contains some 400 species. As I recall this is Dragons Blood (Stonecrop). It is in the Orpine family.

SedumSedum (07/09/2006) Sedum ground cover does well in dry climates.

StonecropStonecrop (05/15/2007) Stonecrop gracefully covers a boulder in a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Hens and ChicksHens and Chicks (08/07/2007) We've had Hens and Chick plants growing in our garden for as long as I can remember. This is the first year I saw them in bloom. They are a member of the Crassulaceae family.

Hens and Chick PlantHens and Chick Plant (08/07/2007) The flowers of the Hens and Chicks Plant.

SedumSedum (09/23/2007) The sedum blooms late and takes little water. It is a great addition to a xeriscaped garden.

Pelican VasePelican Vase (04/26/2008) This wonderful Pelican displays a bundle of Hen and Chicks.

Hen and ChicksHen and Chicks (04/26/2008) Hen and Chicks bundle in the cracks of white rocks.

1-10 Pictures

Crassulaceae Family

The Crassulaceae Family (aka Orpine) is a family of succulent flowering plants found throughout the world. The plants tend to have bizarre, large succulent leaves. They are popular in gardens and are often used as ground cover or as decorations. The family includes about 1,400 species in 33 genera.

The Crassulaceae family includes Jade Plants, Hens and Chicks, and the Sedum.


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