Pinaceae Family

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PinaceaePinaceae (06/06/2006) A close up of a Pine Tree's reproductive system.

Ponderosa PinePonderosa Pine (06/01/2002) A Ponderosa Pine on the Banks of the Salmon River in Central Idaho.

Baby Pine ConesBaby Pine Cones (06/03/2006) The Yellow Pine Campground was covered with Pine Cones. This is a look at next year's crop.

Contrasting NeedlesContrasting Needles (06/20/2006) A dead tree growing next to a live tree provides an interesting contrast in the color of the needles.

Pine ReproductionPine Reproduction (06/06/2006) Pines are often monoecious with both male and female cones on the same tree.

Pine ConePine Cone (06/06/2006) A pine cone at Yellow Pine Campground.

Pine Cone CollectionPine Cone Collection (06/06/2006) A pine cone collection on a park bench in Yellow Pine Campground.

FirlingFirling (07/09/2006) A baby fir tree ... it is so cute, I just had to snap its photo.

Bristlecone PinesBristlecone Pines (10/01/2006) Gnarled bristlecone pines cling to the whiterim of Cedar Breaks at Spectra Point.

Bristlecone PineBristlecone Pine (10/01/2006) Exposed roots of bristlecone pines at Spectra Point in Cedar Breaks National Monument. This collection of trees is a mere thousand years old.

Bristlecone PineBristlecone Pine (10/01/2006) A bristlecone pine in the Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Pine ConesPine Cones (06/16/2007) A close up of Pine Cones at Lindsey Gardens.

Pine ConesPine Cones (06/16/2007) Pine cones and needles in the Avenues.

Evolution in ActionEvolution in Action (10/25/2007) The fire scorched the bark of this ponderosa but did not kill it. So, it will be the tall tree in the forest, assuming the people walking along the trail don't kill it.

Nature Decorates a Christmas TreeNature Decorates a Christmas Tree (12/21/2010) Nature decorates a pine tree in Neff Canyon.

Snow PatternsSnow Patterns (12/21/2010) Snow Patterns on the trunk of a pine tree.

Pine Forest in FogPine Forest in Fog (12/21/2010) Neff Canyon is transitioning from a dissiduous forest of shrub oak and maple to pine. The snow and fog bring out the towering pine trees. PS: I accidentally slid down the hill I climbed to take this shot.

Bark Beetle ScarBark Beetle Scar (02/27/2013) A Pine Tree reacts to a boring bug by weeping sap. This tree is on the path to Churchill Junior High.

Pine Cone DisplayPine Cone Display (06/16/2012) The forest service had a pine cone display at the event.

1-19 Pictures

Pinaceae Family

The Pinaceae Family is one of the largest families of Conifers (Pinophyta division of the Plant Kingdom). The family includes cedars, firs, hemlocks, larches, pines and spruces. The majority of plants in this kingdom are evergreen and grow into full fledged trees (there are a few species that dwarf out as shrubs).


Context: Flowers

Trees (25 pictures) The majority of the members of the Pinaceae family grow into trees.

mountains (0 pictures) Pines tend to grow on the shaded side of the Mountain (Northfacing slopes in the Northern Hemisphere). Evergreens do not take well to the freezing and thawing cycles of south facing slopes.


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