Urticaceae Family

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Stinging NettleStinging Nettle (06/20/2006) Stinging Nettle in the Rocks at Smith and Morehouse Lake in the Uinta Mountains.

Stinging NettlesStinging Nettles (06/20/2006) A close up of the Stinging Nettle Flower.

Stinging NettleStinging Nettle (07/09/2006) Wearing shorts, I felt the stinging nettle before seeing it.

1-3 Pictures

Urticaceae Family

The Urticaceae Family is in the Rosales Order. The family contains round about 50 genera including the Ramie and Mamaki. The most notable member of the family is the Nettle (Urtica, spp.) which has a tendency to sting. Botanists attribute from 30-100 species of nettles. They often describe the plants using various explicatives. Nettles have a history of use in folk medicine.

Quite frankly, I would rather scrape nettles from the kettle than have nettles scrape my knees.

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