Snakes, Lizards and Critters

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LizardLizard (08/22/2008) A little critter alongside the Neff Creek Trail.

Snake RiverSnake River (06/06/2009) I84 offers only a few glimpses of the Snake River.

Snake in the GrassSnake in the Grass (06/20/2006) This snake startled me, then slithered into its hiding place under a bridge over the Weber River.

LizardLizard (07/21/2006) This creature was sunning itself on the trail.

SnakeSnake (09/23/2006) This snake found the perfect rock to curl up alongside. A lumbering human disturbed the scene.

Retreating SnakeRetreating Snake (09/23/2006) The snake I found quietly retreats from the trail.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) A lizzard as handsome as me is worth two pictures.

1-7 Pictures

Snakes, Lizards and Critters

This gallery includes images of snakes, lizards and other critters that scurry about the trails of the west.


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Animals (17 pictures) Snakes are in the Animal Kingdom.


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