Saxifragaceae Family

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Mystery PlantMystery Plant (09/13/2008) This bizarre plant with deep purple flowers was growing along the Weber River. It might be a purple saxifrage.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (05/19/2006) This might be a Lithophragma parviflora in the Saxifrage family.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (06/15/2006) Tiny Flowers of the Saxifrage growing along the Elbow Fork trail.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (05/27/2003) Flowers lining Wally's Wiggles.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (06/15/2006) A member of the Saxifragaceae family on the Elbow Fork Trail.

White SaxifrageWhite Saxifrage (06/15/2006) I believe this littler feller to be a member of the ecletic Saxifragaceae family.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (07/09/2006) A blurry Saxifrage.

Saxifrage LeavesSaxifrage Leaves (07/09/2006) This picture shows the saxifrage leaves (you can see some tiny blurred Saxifrage flowers).

MiterwortMiterwort (07/09/2006) A Miterwort growing toward the top of the Mill Creek Road.

MiterwortMiterwort (07/09/2006) A Miterwort growing just below the Lower Big Water Trailhead in Mill Creek Canyon.

MiterwortMiterwort (07/09/2006) Note the size of the flowers compared to the leaves of the plant. This picture was taken in Mill Creek Canyon.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (07/21/2006) Little gardens of saxifrage grow along the cliffs in the canyon. If ever I own a house, I think I will create a big fake granite wall and cover it with saxifrage.

Star FlowersStar Flowers (05/15/2007) Tiny white flowers growing along Mill B Trail.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (06/15/2010) A wildflower of the Wasatch Mountains.

1-14 Pictures


Saxifragaceae (saxifrage) is a plant family with 36 genera and some 460 known species.

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Crassulaceae Family (10 pictures) The Orpine is in the Saxifragales Family.


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