Rosaceae Family

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Strawberry??Strawberry?? (05/15/2007)

CrabapplesCrabapples (10/02/2007) The small red fruits of the crabapple look a bit like rose buds; So, it does make sense that the apple genus (Malus spp.) is included in the rose family.

Mountain MahaganyMountain Mahagany (10/09/2007) Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus spp) next to an outcrop of rock on Mount Aire.

Mountain MahoganyMountain Mahogany (10/09/2007) Mountain Mahogany casts shadows on the last sections of the Mount Aire Trail.

Mountain MahoganyMountain Mahogany (10/09/2007) This image has a glimpse of I80 between Mountain Mahogany on the Mount Aire Trail.

Mount AireMount Aire (10/09/2007) This line of Mountain Mahogany framed by a distant ridge of Mill Creek Canyon was the best picture of the lot. I am now using the high rez version as my screen saver.

Flowers of an Apricot TreeFlowers of an Apricot Tree (04/30/2008) The trees were in bloom during my excursion to Ogden.

Apricot BlossomsApricot Blossoms (04/15/2009) The popcorn popping on the apricot trees appears to be getting a premature chill on this tax day.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) Snow accumulates on apricot blossoms on the Tax Day snow of 2009.

Snow Ball TreeSnow Ball Tree (04/15/2009) Snow covers the early spring apricot blossoms.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) A snow storm hits while the apricot trees bloom creating a snowball tree ... such is Spring in Utah.

Red RosesRed Roses (06/14/2009) These red roses guard the porch.

Red RoseRed Rose (06/16/2009) This single red rose guards the front porch.

Rose in BloomRose in Bloom (06/16/2009) A rose blooming in our garden.

Yellow RoseYellow Rose (06/16/2009) A garden rose offers an interesting transition from pink to yellow.

Single RoseSingle Rose (06/16/2009) This is a picture of one of the roses growing outside my window.

Canterbury Bells and RoseCanterbury Bells and Rose (06/18/2009) Canterbury Bells are entwined with a rose.

Mountain Mahogany LeavesMountain Mahogany Leaves (01/02/2010) The Moutain Mahogany is an evergreen tree with short leaves that weather the winter.

Mountain MahoganyMountain Mahogany (12/21/2010) A snow laden Mountain Mahogany tree drooping over Neff Creek in a winter storm.

Mountain Mahogany in BloomMountain Mahogany in Bloom (05/25/2013) The branches of the Mountain Mahogany are covered with delightful yellow flowers in early spring.

63 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-63

Rosaceae Family

The Rosaceae Family is large family of flowering plants that includes many common flowers and fruits including apples, cherries, strawberries, etc..

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