Violaceae Family

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VioletViolet (05/15/2001) Violet taken with my old camera.

VioletViolet (06/20/2006) A violet growing along the Middle Fork of the Weber Trail.

VioletViolet (07/09/2006) A collection of violets growing alongside the Mill Creek Canyon road.

VioletsViolets (06/20/2006)

Temple FlowersTemple Flowers (03/14/2007) In Mid March, Temple Square was already in bloom.

VioletViolet (05/15/2007) A white violet along the Lake Blanche Trail.

White VioletWhite Violet (05/15/2007) A violet along the Lake Blanche Trail.

1-7 Pictures

Violaceae Family

The Violaceae is a small family of flowering plants that includes the violet and a bunch of pansies. The family is in the Kingdom Plantae, Division Magnoliophyta, Class Magnoliopsida and Order Malpighiales.

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Context: Flowers

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Violets are a common wildflower.

Flower Power (136 pictures) You can also find violets in gardens.


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