Brassicaceae Family

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Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (07/08/2009) Rocky mountain bee plant framed by Mount Olympus.

Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (07/04/2009) A favorite of the bees, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant blooms throughout the summer.

Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (07/04/2009) The Rocky Mountain Bee Plant is currently in categorized in the small Cleomaceae Family.

Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (07/04/2009) The Bee Plant has distinctive stemon and grow in a fun pink ball throughout the summer.

SurvivorSurvivor (04/30/2008) This flower managed to break out of a crack on the city streets of Ogden. It started raining seconds before this picture.

Wall FlowerWall Flower (07/02/2008) A Wall Flower on the Bowman Trail.

WallflowerWallflower (06/20/2006) Wallflower growing along the Middle Fork of the Weber River Trail in the Uinta Mountains.

WallflowerWallflower (05/19/2006) (Brassicaceae Erysimum spp.) Wall Flowers near the Terraces in Mill Creek Canyon.

VegetationVegetation (07/21/2006)

Draba cappadocicaDraba cappadocica (03/20/2007) Draba cappadocica is one of the first flowers to bloom in the rock garden. This tiny plant makes a large yellow carpet.

Draba cappadocicaDraba cappadocica (03/23/2007) The low lying early blooming Draba is an ideal flower for the Mountain West rock garden.

MustardMustard (05/26/2007) This mustard plant in the high desert plains of Wyoming has developed interesting round leaves.

Round LeavesRound Leaves (05/26/2007) Interesting leaves of the mustard plant.

DrabaDraba (03/24/2008) Draba is a genus in the Mustard Family.

DrabaDraba (04/26/2008) Draba (a member of the Mustard family) adds a splash of yellow to the rock garden.

DrabaDraba (04/26/2008) .

Purple AlyssumPurple Alyssum (11/24/2008) Alyssum (a member of the mustard family) produces bundles of small flowers. The flowers were still in bloom at the beginning of December.

AlyssumAlyssum (11/24/2008) Alyssum forms carpet of lavender flowers that bloom late into the Fall.

AlyssumAlyssum (11/24/2008) A white variety of alyssum in late Fall.

Carpet of AlyssumCarpet of Alyssum (11/24/2008) Alyssum forms gentle carpets of white flowers.

ArugulaArugula (06/16/2012) Arugula is a flowering plant in the mustard family that is commonly added to salads to add a bit of zest. It grows well in Utah.

Arugula FlowersArugula Flowers (06/16/2012) Arugula grows well in a pot.

MustardMustard (05/25/2013) Mustard has delightful little flowers with four pedals. They were called crucifereae (a cross) but deep seated prejudice in the Botany community caused a name change.

1-23 Pictures

Brassicales Order

Brassicaceae Family

This gallery shows images of flowers in the Brassicaceae family. The Brassicaceae Family includes food staples such as mustard and cabbage along with a variety of native plants. The family contains over 350 genera and about 3000 species. The greatest number of this species are found in the Mediterranean area.

Many of the flowers in this species have four petals in an arrangement that appears like crosses. Older texts referred to the family with the politically incorrect name Cruciferae, and to the plants as crucifers.

Foodwise, the family includes Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Rutabaga, Rapeseed (aka Canola), Collard, Horseradish, Turnip, Radish, Brocolli and Mustard. It also includes some inedible plants like Wasabi that people eat anyway.

Cleomaceae Family

The Rocky Mountain Bee Plant and other members of the Cleomaceae family were considered part of the Capparaceae Family (capers). Genetic studies have determined that the plants are are more closely related to the mustard family (Brassicaceae) than the Capers.

With this transition, I decided to make this a gallery for the whole Brassicales Order, and to leave the classification wars to the botanists.


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