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Penstemon Going to SeedPenstemon Going to Seed (07/01/2006) A Penstemon going to seed.

Penstemon SeedsPenstemon Seeds (07/09/2006) Rocky Mountain Penstemon going to seed.

Rocky Mountain PenstemonRocky Mountain Penstemon (07/09/2006) The fruit of the Rocky mountain penstemon is often a deep marroon.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/09/2006) Penstemon near the Big Water Trailhead in Mill Creek Canyon.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/09/2006) A Penstemon found at the Big Water Trailhead (possibly a Whipples Penstemon).

PenstemonPenstemon (07/09/2006) A penstemon found near the Big Water Trailhead.

PenstemonPenstemon (06/15/2006) Penstemon growing along the Terraces-Elbow Fork Trail.

PenstemonPenstemon (05/22/2006) A Penstemon in Neff Creek Canyon in the Wasatch.

PenstemonPenstemon (05/22/2006) A bundle with blue Penstemon and yellow Mule's Ears.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/09/2006) Penstemon on the Little Water Trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/09/2006) A penstemon along the Little Water Trail.

Penstemon BundlePenstemon Bundle (07/09/2006) A bundle of Penstemon in Little Water area of Mill Creek Canyon. Utah is noted for its diversity of Penstemon.

Blue PenstemonBlue Penstemon (06/15/2006) A blue penstemon growing along the Mill Creek canyon road near Elbow Fork.

Penstemon Going to SeedPenstemon Going to Seed (07/09/2006) Penstemon going to seed in the Little Water area.

Firecracker PenstemonFirecracker Penstemon (06/10/2003) A firecracker penstemon grown from seed.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/21/2006) A Penstemon growing along the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Fruit of PenstemonFruit of Penstemon (07/21/2006) Penstemon going to seed along the Grandeur Peak Trail.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/21/2006) This poor little plant was growing along the trail where hikers like me stomp on it.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/29/2006) A Penstemon in Albion Basin.

Whipple s PenstemonWhipple s Penstemon (07/29/2006) The distinctive Whipple's Penstemon (Penstemon whippleanus) in the Wasatch's Albion Basin.

46 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-46

Penstemon Genus

Penstemon (also called beardtongues) is a genus of flowering plants that grows primarily in North America. The flowers in this genus have two lips and a large infertile fifth stamen. The genus contains some 250 species of plants. Due the large number of species growing in similar climates, I am extremely hesitant to guess the full species name for the pictures I take.

Penstemons are extremely common in the Mountain West (Utah), growing in both the desert and high mountains. Penstemon are a periennial that do well in gardens in Utah and Colorado.

Penstemon used to be placed in the Scrophulariaceae family. They are now placed in the Plantaginaceae family. For the moment, I will have them broken out into their own genus gallery.

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