Geraniaceae Family

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GeraniumGeranium (07/02/2008) A garden geranium.

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (06/20/2006) This picture of a Sticky Geranium (Geranium viscosissimum in the family Geraniaceae) was taken in the Uinta Mountains near the Middle Fork of the Weber River.

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (06/15/2006) I believe this to be a Sticky Geranium (Geranium viscosissimum). The flower enjoys the moderate sun and is often found growing besides trails and roads. It would be great in a Native Flower Garden.

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (06/15/2006) White geraniums growing along the Mill Creek road.

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (06/15/2006) A sticky geranium along the Elbow Fork Trail in the Wasatch Mountains.

GeraniumsGeraniums (06/15/2006) White Geraniums on the Elbow Fork Trail.

Geranium PatchGeranium Patch (06/15/2006) Geranium Patch on the Elbow Fork Trail.

Pink GeraniumsPink Geraniums (05/25/2006) The Geranium ‘Pink’, Geranium sanguineum, has a rich magenta mallow-like flower that blooms from June untill August.

Pink GeraniumPink Geranium (05/25/2006)

Pink GeraniumsPink Geraniums (05/25/2006)

Geranium Seed PodsGeranium Seed Pods (07/09/2006) Geranium Seed Pods look like crane bills.

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (07/09/2006) The Little Water Trail has many, many samples of the Sticky Geranium.

Geranium LeafGeranium Leaf (07/09/2006)

Sticky GeraniumSticky Geranium (07/29/2006) Sticky Geranium in the Albion Basin.

Butterfly StandButterfly Stand (07/29/2006) A butterfly perched on a sticky geranium in the Albion Basin.

1-15 Pictures


This gallery includes pictures of members of the Geraniaceae family. This family consists of about 750 species in a dozen families.

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