Alliaceae Family

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Wild OnionWild Onion (07/02/2008) .

Onion FlowersOnion Flowers (07/04/2009) The flowers of the onion seem to do the same layered skin trick as the roots.

Wild OnionsWild Onions (06/20/2006) Wild Onions found on the Middle Fork of the Weber River Trail.

Wild OnionWild Onion (06/20/2006) Wild onions going to seed.

Onion FlowerOnion Flower (07/01/2006) An onion flower.

Big OnionBig Onion (07/01/2006) A big onion growing in the garden.

More OnionsMore Onions (07/01/2006)

Wild OnionsWild Onions (06/20/2006)

1-8 Pictures

Alliaceae Family

This gallery includes images of the Alliaceae Family (The Onion Family). Some botanists include the onion in the Liliaceae family.

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Context: Flowers

Liliopsida Class (55 pictures) Some botanists include the Alliaceae family in the Liliaceae family.

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Pictures of wildflowers of the Mountain West.


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