Ranunculaceae Family

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Love in a Mist of CactusLove in a Mist of Cactus (06/06/2010) Love in a Mist Framed by a yellow cactus.

Pink LarkspurPink Larkspur (07/04/2009) A Larkspur hybrid in a native plant garden.

Alien ColumbineAlien Columbine (06/16/2009) I submit this picture of a columbine bud as proof that the buttercup family is in fact an alien species.

Love-In-A-MistLove-In-A-Mist (06/18/2009) Love-In-A-Mist (Nigella damascena) is an intriguing flower that develops a decorative seed pod.

Columbines and RockColumbines and Rock (06/06/2009) Two columbine in a rock garden.

Larkspur and LoveLarkspur and Love (06/06/2009) The buttercup family produces a wide variety of intriguing blossoms. In this shot larkspur blooms alongside Love-In-Mist.

ButtercupsButtercups (06/06/2009) A garden variety of buttercups brightens a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Love in a MistLove in a Mist (06/06/2009) Love in a Mist is a fun garden flower.

Columbine FlowerColumbine Flower (06/16/2009) A yellow columbine is drenched in the rain.

Yellow ColumbineYellow Columbine (06/16/2009) A yellow columbine after several days of rain.

ButtercupButtercup (05/20/2007) A closeup of a buttercup on Daniel Summit.

buttercupsbuttercups (05/10/2009) Domestic buttercups grace a garden in Salt Lake City.

ButtercupButtercup (05/10/2009) A close up of a domestic buttercup.

ButtercupButtercup (05/15/2007) The area around Lake Blanche was covered with this delightful alpine buttercups.

Alpine buttercupAlpine buttercup (05/15/2007) The flowers of the alpine buttercups near Lake Blanche have an glistening white sheen.

Leaves of the Meadow RueLeaves of the Meadow Rue (06/20/2006) The leaves of the Meadow Rue (Thalictrum spp. of the Ranunculaceae family) are a common site in mountain meadows. This picture was take near the Middle Fork of the Weber River.

Wild ButtercupsWild Buttercups (04/27/2006) Spring Buttercups in the Wasatch Mountains.

LarkspurLarkspur (05/19/2006) Larkspur along the Bowman Trail.

ButtercupButtercup (06/20/2006) I believe this to be a buttercup, it was found in a bog near S213 along the Weber River.

ButtercupButtercup (06/20/2006) A buttercup at Washington Lake.

63 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-63

Ranunculaceae Family

This page shows images of the Ranunculaceae Family (Buttercup Family). This family consists of ~60 and ~2000 species. Common flowers in this family include anemones, buttercups, aconite, and clematis.

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Wildflowers (123 pictures) Members of the buttercup family can be found growing wild throughout the world.


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