Liliopsida Class

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Intriguing FlowerIntriguing Flower (05/15/2007) An intriguing flower similar to the False Solomon Seal.

Mystery FowerMystery Fower (05/15/2007) A spike of white flowers droops from corn stalk like leaves.

Sego LilySego Lily (05/19/2007) A sego lily in bloom at Parley's Crossing.

DafodilsDafodils (03/24/2008) The Narcissus Flower (commonly known as the Dafodil) is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family in the Liliopsida Class.

Narcissus FlowerNarcissus Flower (03/24/2008) The Dafodil is a member of the Amaryllidaceae Family in the Liliopsida class.

Glacial Lily Going to SeedGlacial Lily Going to Seed (06/16/2008) A view of the glacial lily pods.

Glacial LiliesGlacial Lilies (05/10/2009) The last of the glacial lilies in Neff Canyon.

Day LiliesDay Lilies (07/21/2009) Day lilies are popular in Utah. I forgot to flip the picture.

Day Lily Close UpDay Lily Close Up (07/21/2009) A close up of a day lily at the Southtowne Exposition Center.

Yellow CrocusYellow Crocus (03/15/2013) Crocus are the first to bloom. These flowers were up the day after the snowmelt in March.

Purple CrocusPurple Crocus (00/00/0000) The crocus are the first to bloom ... announcing the arrival of Spring.

Dafodils in BloomDafodils in Bloom (04/05/2013) Flowers bloom at the Outdoor Classroom at Olympus Junior High.

Glacier LiliesGlacier Lilies (04/30/2013) Glacier Lilies are among the first flowers to bloom in the Wasatch Spring.

Glacier Liliies in NeffGlacier Liliies in Neff (04/30/2013) Glacier Lilies will grown in Salt Lake gardens. You can collect the seeds and plant in mulch ... but it may take several years before the flowers bloom.

Pretty Spring FlowerPretty Spring Flower (04/13/2013) A pretty Spring Flower growing on the banks of Red Butte Creek.

55 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-55

Class Liliopsida

The Family Liliaceae is currently being rethought and reordered; Rather than titling the page Liliaceae, I decided to jump up a few notches and name this gallery the Class Liliopsida.

The Liliopsida Class includes several orders of monocotyledon flowering plants. The Order Liliales includes the families Liliaceae (lily), Calochortaceae (Sego Lily, Mariposa Lily), Melanthiaceae, etc..

The Order Asparagales includes Hyacinthaceae (Hyacinth and Bluebells), Asparagaceae (asparagus), etc.

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