Liliopsida Class

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False Solomon SealFalse Solomon Seal (06/20/2006) This False Solomon Seal (Maianthemum spp.) was growing across the Middle Fork of the Weber Trail. It appears to have been stepped on several times, but is still going strong.

Flowers of the Green False HelleboreFlowers of the Green False Hellebore (06/20/2006) Flowers of the Green False Hellebone (Veratrum spp.). This picture was taken in the Uinta Mountains near State Road 213 along the upper Weber River.

Wild OnionsWild Onions (06/20/2006) Wild Onions found on the Middle Fork of the Weber River Trail.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (06/20/2006) This glacier lily has a stack of four flowers. I should have pulled the twig out of the way.

Double Decker LilyDouble Decker Lily (06/20/2006) A double decker Glacier Lily hanging out in the high uintas.

DaylilyDaylily (07/01/2006) A daylily in the last of the evening light. NOTE Daylilies are not in the liliaceae family. Taxanomists either put them in the Hemerocallidaceae or the Xanthorrhoeaceae family.

Bee on a DaylilyBee on a Daylily (07/01/2006) A bee at work on a daylily.

FlowersFlowers (08/27/2001) I wish I had an SLR. I can never get the focus right.

DaylilyDaylily (06/10/2003) A Daylily in Spring.

SedgeSedge (07/09/2006) Sedge photographed in Mill Creek Canyon. Sedge is often mistaken for grass. Sedge is in the large Cyperaceae Family (some 4000 species in 70 genera). The Cyperaceae Family is in the Class Liliopsida.

False Solomon FamilyFalse Solomon Family (07/09/2006) A False Solomon Seal(Smilacina racemosa) in the Little Water area of Mill Creek.

Day LilyDay Lily (07/01/2006) Day Lily in bloom.

False HelleboreFalse Hellebore (07/29/2006) False Hellebore (Veratrum californicum) is one of the stars of the Albion Basin show.

Corn Lily FieldCorn Lily Field (07/29/2006) A field of Corn Lilies (False Hellebore) in Albion Basin.

Corn LilyCorn Lily (07/29/2006) Corn Lily, also known as False Hellebore, in the Albion Basin.

Veratum californicumVeratum californicum (07/29/2006) People usually call this False Hellebore. Apparently there are several plants called False Hellebore. It is often called Corn Lily for the broad leaves that you would expect to find on corn.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (06/08/2006) A fine specimen of Glacier Lily in Redman Campground.

TulipsTulips (03/23/2007)

Iris in the RainIris in the Rain (05/03/2007) This picture shows a garden iris in the rain. My photography book says you can capture this effect with a spray bottle. Hah! A real photographer waits until it is raining and gets wet. The Iris is a member of the Iridaceae family.

IrisIris (05/10/2001)

55 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-55

Class Liliopsida

The Family Liliaceae is currently being rethought and reordered; Rather than titling the page Liliaceae, I decided to jump up a few notches and name this gallery the Class Liliopsida.

The Liliopsida Class includes several orders of monocotyledon flowering plants. The Order Liliales includes the families Liliaceae (lily), Calochortaceae (Sego Lily, Mariposa Lily), Melanthiaceae, etc..

The Order Asparagales includes Hyacinthaceae (Hyacinth and Bluebells), Asparagaceae (asparagus), etc.

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