Liliopsida Class

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Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (04/30/2013) A glacier lily in Neff Canyon.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (04/30/2013) A glacier lily in Neff Canyon.

DaffodilsDaffodils (03/20/2013) Daffodils are one of the few early bloomers that the deer don't eat.

Pushing Up LeavesPushing Up Leaves (03/20/2013) Early Spring blooms push up leaves dropped by the trees in Fall.

Early BloomerEarly Bloomer (03/20/2013) A hybrid blooming flower in Salt Lake.

Day LilyDay Lily (07/04/2009) A day lily on display at Memory Grove park.

False Solomon SealFalse Solomon Seal (07/18/2009) The flowers of the Spikenards develop into little red berries. Most seem to get eaten up by the wild life.

TulipTulip (05/10/2009) A tulip growing alongside a cinderblock fence.

Wilting LiliesWilting Lilies (05/10/2009) Glacial lilies in their last days in Neff Canyon on Mother's Day 2009.

Sego LilySego Lily (07/02/2008) This is the first time I recall seeing Sego Lily in Neff Canyon.

TulipsTulips (05/10/2009) An artsy shot of tulips contrasted against grey cinderblock.

Sego LilySego Lily (07/02/2008) Sego Lily is the state flower of Utah.

False Solomon SealFalse Solomon Seal (07/02/2008) False Solomon Seal in the Bowman Trail parking area.

False Solomon SealFalse Solomon Seal (07/02/2008) A false solomon seal in the Bowman Trail area of Mill Creek Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Sego LilySego Lily (05/19/2007) A sego lily in bloom near Parleys Crossing and the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The Sego Lily is the Utah State Flower.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (06/08/2006) I found this perfect Glacier Lily in Redman Campground.

IrisIris (05/03/2007) A garden variety iris weathers a Spring Shower.

TulipsTulips (03/23/2007) Tulips in a Utah rock garden.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (04/27/2006) Wild yellow Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum) in the Wasatch.

Green False HelleboreGreen False Hellebore (06/20/2006) Green False Hellebone (Veratrum viride of the family Melanthiaceae) likes boggy areas near forests. This image was taken near the Middle Fork of the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

55 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-55

Class Liliopsida

The Family Liliaceae is currently being rethought and reordered; Rather than titling the page Liliaceae, I decided to jump up a few notches and name this gallery the Class Liliopsida.

The Liliopsida Class includes several orders of monocotyledon flowering plants. The Order Liliales includes the families Liliaceae (lily), Calochortaceae (Sego Lily, Mariposa Lily), Melanthiaceae, etc..

The Order Asparagales includes Hyacinthaceae (Hyacinth and Bluebells), Asparagaceae (asparagus), etc.

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