Boraginaceae Family

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BurdockBurdock (07/18/2009) The burdock plant has monster leaves. The flower turns into a burr that, when placed in contact with dog fur, is stickier than velcro.

HackeliaHackelia (04/08/2007)

Boraginaceae.Boraginaceae. (05/22/2006) Small white/blue flower growing in Neff's Canyon. It is probably a Boraginaceae, and looks a lot like a Forget-Me-Not.

Hackelia - Forget-me-notsHackelia - Forget-me-nots (06/20/2006) I believe these to be Hackelia (stickseeds) of the Boraginaceae Family.

Mountain BluebellMountain Bluebell (06/15/2006) Bluebell (Mertensia ciliata??) on the Elbow Fork Trail in Mill Creek Canyon. Wikipedia currently places it in the Hyacinthaceae family. It has moved between families in recent years.

Mountain BluebellsMountain Bluebells (06/15/2006) Mountain Bluebells along the Elbow Fork trail in the Wasatch.

Blue StickseedBlue Stickseed (06/15/2006) These Hackelia (Forget-Me-Not) were near the pass to Lambs Canyon.

StickseedStickseed (06/15/2006) Blue Stickseed (Hackelia spp.) along the Terraces Elbow Fork Trail.

HoundstongueHoundstongue (06/15/2006) Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale) is an invasive weed. The plant spreads through burrs. It is common is the disturbed soil along trails.

HoundstongueHoundstongue (06/15/2006) Houndstongue (an invasive weed also known as Cynoglossum officinale) is found along trails and the Mill Creek Road.

HackeliaHackelia (07/29/2006) The American False Forget-Me-Nots (Hackelia floribunda) are a member of the Borage family. They are also called stickseed as the seeds have hooks that will attach to animal's fur.

Mountain Forget-Me-NotMountain Forget-Me-Not (04/08/2007) Stickseed (Hackelia, spp.), often called the Mountain Forget-Me-Not, has bright beautiful blue flowers.

StickseedStickseed (04/08/2007) This shot combines the long distinctive leaves of the Mules Ears with small Hackelia flowers.

Hackelia CloseupHackelia Closeup (04/08/2007) A close up of the light blue flowers of the Hackelia on the Red Butte Canyon Skyline Trail.

HackeliaHackelia (04/08/2007) A small blue flower in bloom along the Skyline Trail in Red Butte Garden.

BorageBorage (05/10/2009) A plant with small blue flowers blooming in Neff Canyon.

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Boraginaceae Family

The Boraginaceae Family is a large family of plants with about 100 genera and 2000 species. The family includes the Forget-me-not and Houndstongue. Members of this family often have hairy leaves and the seeds develop into burrs.

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Context: Flowers

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Forget-me-nots are a notable wildflower.

Invasive Weeds (16 pictures) Houndstongue is generally considered an invasive weed in the Mountain West.

Hydrophyllaceae Family (17 pictures) Some botanists include the Waterleaf family with the Boraginaceae family.


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