Asteraceae Family

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FleabaneFleabane (09/23/2007) Flowers growing in the open space near Churchill Junior High School.

Late BloomersLate Bloomers (10/09/2007) Even in the cold Fall air of October, hikers will find hardy mountain flowers.

Emerging from the cracksEmerging from the cracks (04/26/2008) The rock garden society is a club that takes joy in things that grow in the cracks of pavement.

AsterAster (04/26/2008) .

Goats BeardGoats Beard (06/12/2008) I used to pull goats beard from the garden as if it were a weed. This Spring I decided that they are just too pretty and deserve a spot in the garden.

Golden EyeGolden Eye (08/27/2008) The hillside was a bit dry in late August. Golden Eyes were shining bright.

AsterAster (09/13/2008) Flowers blooming in September at the Stillman Ranch.

Golden EyesGolden Eyes (09/13/2008) Golden Eyes were in bloom during our mid summer visit to the Stillman Ranch.

Golden EyeGolden Eye (09/13/2008) Golden Eye growing along the Weber River in the Uinta Mountains.

Golden EyeGolden Eye (09/13/2008) Golden Eye in bloom in September.

RabbitbrushRabbitbrush (11/20/2008) Considered by ranchers a weed, the native plant Rabbit Brush has interesting ornamental plumes in the late Fall. I think it has a place in Utah gardens.

RabbitBrushRabbitBrush (11/20/2008) Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus) is a native plant of the arid west. The plant makes an interesting addition to gardens.

November FlowersNovember Flowers (11/20/2008) These goldeneyes were still in full bloom in late November.

Blanket FlowerBlanket Flower (06/16/2009) A blanket flower in the rain.

Blanket FlowersBlanket Flowers (06/16/2009) Blanket Flowers are a fun showy garden flower.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) USU lists Curly Cup Gum Weed (a native species) as an invasive weed, but does not list donkey spurge. In an act of defiance I planted Curly Cup Gum weed in the garden last year.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) This Utah native plant has wonderful yellow flowers and sticky buds. It grows well in dry areas around the Wasatch Front but is listed an invasive because it is prolific.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) The curly cup gum weed has buds covered in a sticky resin and semi succulent leaves that helps it grow in dry climates like its native Utah. I think it is a great garden plant. USU lists it as an invasive weed.

Blanket FlowerBlanket Flower (07/04/2009) A blanket flower growing in Memorial Grove.

Blanket FlowerBlanket Flower (07/04/2009) A flower growing wild in Memory Grove Park.

148 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 121-140 , 140-148

Asteracea Family

This gallery includes images of members of the Asteraceae family of flowering plants. The family is also known as Compositae. This family includes an estimated 1100 genera and 20,000 species of plants (Wikipedia).

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