Asteraceae Family

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SunflowersSunflowers (09/15/2013) The Sunflowers relish the unexpectedly heavy fall rains.

SunflowersSunflowers (09/15/2013) I like the contrast of the sunflower against the red fence.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) The Curly Cup Gum weed secretes a sticky gum to protect the petals of its bright yellow flowers.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) This picture shows the flower of the Curly Cup Gum weed in multiple stages of development. Full bloom on the left, dried seed in the center and blooming buds on the right.

Pretty Yellow FlowersPretty Yellow Flowers (07/18/2009) A set of pretty yellow flowers (likely golden eye) along the Neff Creek Trai.

YarrowYarrow (07/04/2009) Yarrow is a hearty native perrenniel that does well in the garden.

Blanket FlowersBlanket Flowers (07/04/2009) Blanket Flowers in various stages of growth.

A Carpet of Blanket FlowersA Carpet of Blanket Flowers (07/04/2009) A carpet of Blanket Flowers in the garden.

Blanket Flowers in the RainBlanket Flowers in the Rain (07/04/2009) Blanket flowers after a light mist.

Stand Out FlowerStand Out Flower (06/18/2009) A single flower stands out from a row of coreopsis in the front yard.

Blanket FlowersBlanket Flowers (06/18/2009) Blanket Flowers in a rock garden.

Two Blanket FlowersTwo Blanket Flowers (06/18/2009) Blanket flowers add to the tapestry of a Utah rock garden.

YarrowYarrow (06/16/2009) Yarrow is a delightful addition to a native plant garden.

Yellow EyesYellow Eyes (06/16/2009) This flower has a wonderful orange color.

CoreopsisCoreopsis (06/16/2009) Yellow composite flowers.

Yellow flowersYellow flowers (06/16/2009) ...

November FlowerNovember Flower (11/20/2008) This hardy goldeneye was in full bloom in late November.

Six Cone FlowersSix Cone Flowers (08/22/2008) Six cone flowers found growing along the Neff Creek trail.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (08/27/2008) Curly cup gum weed blooms late in the summer above Park City.

ConeflowersConeflowers (08/22/2008) A close up of wild coneflowers in Neff Canyon.

148 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-148

Asteracea Family

This gallery includes images of members of the Asteraceae family of flowering plants. The family is also known as Compositae. This family includes an estimated 1100 genera and 20,000 species of plants (Wikipedia).

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