Rockport Lake

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Wahship DamWahship Dam (06/20/2006) The Wanship Dam on the Weber River from Highway 32 just south of Wanship, Utah.

Spillway of the Wanship DamSpillway of the Wanship Dam (06/20/2006) The Spillway of the Wanship Dam on the Rockport Reservoir.

Wanship DamWanship Dam (06/20/2006) The Wanship Dam on the Weber River holds back Rockport Reservoir.

EagleEagle (06/20/2006) This eagle lives in a nest near the Rockport Reservoir. Unfortunately, my telephoto lens is on the fritz. This is the best I could get with a 20-90mm lens.

Wanship DamWanship Dam (06/20/2006) The Wanship Dam was part of the Weber Basin Project.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) The siltrock strata near the Wanship Dam has a slope of about 35 degrees.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) A view across Rockport Lake.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) A view across Rockport Lake.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) Looking across Rockport Lake from Utah State Highway 32.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) Looking toward the Weber River inlet on Rockport Lake in Northeastern Utah.

Highway 32Highway 32 (06/20/2006) Highway 32 runs on the Southwest side of Rockport Lake.

ErosionErosion (06/20/2006) Erosion on Rockport Lake (notice how the water near the shoreline is grey while the lake itself is a deep blue.

FishermenFishermen (06/20/2006) People fishing on a point along Rockport Lake.

State Highway 32State Highway 32 (06/20/2006) Highway 32 along Rockport Lake in Northeastern Utah.

Crandall CanyonCrandall Canyon (06/20/2006) Looking across Rockport Lake to Crandall Canyon.

Utelite QuarryUtelite Quarry (06/20/2006) Utelite has a slate quarry at the far end of this arm of Rockport Lake.

Boats on Rockport LakeBoats on Rockport Lake (06/20/2006) Image includes a windsurfer and speedboat on Rockport Lake.

Water SkiingWater Skiing (06/20/2006) Water Skiing on Rockport Lake.

Rockport LakeRockport Lake (06/20/2006) Inlet on Rockport Lake.

Campground EntranceCampground Entrance (06/20/2006) There is a string of campgrounds on the East side of Rockport Reservoir.

Weber InletWeber Inlet (06/20/2006) The Weber River flowing into Rockport Reservoir.

Rockport State ParkRockport State Park (06/20/2006) This is the Entrance to Rockport State Park.

Rockport - CottonwoodRockport - Cottonwood (06/20/2006) The Cottonwood Group area in Rockport State Park.

Camping the CottonwoodsCamping the Cottonwoods (06/20/2006) Cottonwood Campground near Rockport Lake.

Rockport ReservoirRockport Reservoir (06/20/2006) Looking across marshlands by the Weber River into Rockport Lake.

Weber meets RockportWeber meets Rockport (06/20/2006) The Weber River where it flows into Rockport Reservoir.

Rockport State Park BridgeRockport State Park Bridge (06/20/2006) The bridge over the Weber River to Rockport State Park is starting to show its age.

1-27 Pictures

Rockport Reservoir

Rockport Reservoir is a lake on the Weber River in Summit County in Northeastern Utah. The lake is held back by the Wanship Dam which was completed in 1957 as part of the Weber Basin Project. This earth filled dam is 175' high. The crest elevation of the dam is 6055 ft. The normal water elevation is 6049 feet.

The lake is accessible from Utah State Highway 32 (Exit 155 on I80 at Wanship).

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Weber River (91 pictures) The Wanship Dam is on the Weber River.

Wanship, Utah (27 pictures) The dam is named for the town of Wanship ... just north of Rockport Lake.

State Highway 32 (31 pictures) Highway 32 runs to the Southwest of Rockport Lake.

Uinta Mountains (51 pictures) The reservoir is in the western foothills of the Uinta Mountains.

Echo Reservoir (54 pictures) Echo Reservoir is downstream from Rockport.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) Park City is a major resort town near Rockport Lake.

Jordanelle Reservoir (27 pictures) The Jordanelle Reservoir is on the Provo River. This lake is due south of Rockport Reservoir.

Peoa, Utah (11 pictures) Peao is upstream (South) of Rockport Reservoir.


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