Poaceae Family

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GrassGrass (07/12/2008) I decided recently that grass is interesting. This was growing on 700 East.

ReedReed (12/16/2008) Reed along the Jordan River Parkway give into winter.

Reed BedReed Bed (12/16/2008) A reed bed provides a habitat for birds along the Jordan River Parkway.

Flowering GrassFlowering Grass (07/02/2008) This flowering grass is covered with small yellow seeds.

Grass Going to SeedGrass Going to Seed (07/02/2008) Grass in Neff Creek Canyon.

Flowering GrassFlowering Grass (07/02/2008) Grass in Neff Canyon.

GrassGrass (07/02/2008) Grass in Neff Canyon.

Flowering GrassFlowering Grass (07/02/2008) .

Wild GrassWild Grass (06/03/2006) An attempt photographing wild grass.

GrassGrass (06/20/2006) An interesting piece of grass found in a bog near the Weber River.

GrassGrass (07/21/2006) A night time shot of grass.

GrassesGrasses (07/02/2008) Grass going to seed at Chruchill

GrassGrass (07/02/2008) Grass going to seed at Churchill.

Wild GrassWild Grass (07/02/2008) Grass growing at the base of Neff Canyon.

Lawn MushroomsLawn Mushrooms (09/15/2013) I took a shot of these two enchanting mushrooms growing in the yard a few minutes before mowing them down with a power lawn mower. BTW: I like Yarrow growing in the grass.

1-15 Pictures

Poaceae Family

The Poaceae Family, also known as grass, is an extremely important family of flowering plants that includes most grains and other economically important plants. Grasslands cover about 20% of the vegetation cover on earth. The family includes about 10,000 species is some 600 genera.

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