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YuccaYucca (05/27/2003) A Yucca growing along the Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park.

Glacier LilyGlacier Lily (04/27/2006) Wild yellow Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum) in the Wasatch.

Wild ButtercupsWild Buttercups (04/27/2006) Spring Buttercups in the Wasatch Mountains.

Holly GrapeHolly Grape (05/08/2001) Mountain Mahonia

Woolly GroundselWoolly Groundsel (05/19/2006) This might be a Woolly Groundsel (Senecio canus) in the Sunflower family, but don't quote me.

Curious Little FlowerCurious Little Flower (05/19/2006) This little flower was hiding in the shade under a tree. As it was starting to rain, I took the picture and ran.

Mountain FlowerMountain Flower (05/19/2006) A curious little flower living high in the Wasatch.

LarkspurLarkspur (05/19/2006) Larkspur along the Bowman Trail.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (05/19/2006) This might be a Lithophragma parviflora in the Saxifrage family.

Furry PlantsFurry Plants (05/19/2006) I found several of these furry plants on the Bowman Trail. They might be Woolly Groundsel in the process of blooming.

Blooming PlantsBlooming Plants (05/19/2006) A woolly plant found on the Bowman Trail.

Wild FlowerWild Flower (05/19/2006) Wild flower along the Bowman Trail in early Spring.

Bundle of FlowersBundle of Flowers (05/19/2006) A bundle of flowers along the Bowman Trail.

Wild RoseWild Rose (05/19/2006) Wildflowers in the Wasatch.

Blue PenstemonBlue Penstemon (05/22/2006) A Penstemon growing near the trailhead of Neff Creek Canyon.

Mule s EarsMule s Ears (05/22/2006) Wyethia spp. in the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).

YarrowYarrow (05/22/2006)

PhloxPhlox (05/22/2006)

Close Up of PhloxClose Up of Phlox (05/22/2006) A close up of Phlox in Neff Canyon.

Sweet PeaSweet Pea (05/22/2006)

123 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-123


When visiting the Mountain West, one should take the time to view the beautiful wildflowers lining trails and mountainsides. This gallery includes images of Wildflowers.

Although I am not a professional botanist, I will try include family and genus with the pictures. When I feel daring, I will include the species. Feel free to correct my mistakes. See Flowers by Family for my best guesses at classifying the plants.

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