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Butterfly on ThistleButterfly on Thistle (07/02/2008) A butterfly graces a thistle in Neff Canyon.

Wet PenstemonWet Penstemon (06/16/2009) The penstemon are enjoying an unusually wet Spring.

ButtercupButtercup (05/15/2007) The area around Lake Blanche was covered with this delightful alpine buttercups.

Alpine buttercupAlpine buttercup (05/15/2007) The flowers of the alpine buttercups near Lake Blanche have an glistening white sheen.

Spring BeautiesSpring Beauties (05/19/2006) These little Spring Beauties were growing under a on the trail in Neffs Canyon. Watch where you tread. Don't stomp on beautiful things. These are the in Purslane Family (Portulacaceae Claytonia ???).

WallflowersWallflowers (05/19/2006) Wall Flowers (Brassicaceae Erysimum spp.) along the road to The Terraces in Mill Creek Canyon.

Wallflower CollectionWallflower Collection (05/19/2006) A collection of Wallflowers at The Terraces in Mill Creek Canyon.

Oregon GrapeOregon Grape (05/19/2006) This picture shows Oregon Grapes in bloom. They are the in Mahonia genus of the Berberidaceae family.

ArnicaArnica (05/19/2006) Arnica growing along the Bowman Trail. Arnica is in the Sunflower family (Asteraceae)

ArnicaArnica (05/19/2006) Arnica blooming in the early Spring. Arnica is in the Asteraceae (sunflower) family.

Spring BeatySpring Beaty (05/08/2001) Taken in Bells Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Native DandylionNative Dandylion (05/26/2001) A Native Flower similar to the dandylion...near Mount Borah (taken with autofocus camera).

Black TopsBlack Tops (08/27/2001) Autofocus cameras rarely work with flowers.

Thimble BerriesThimble Berries (06/02/2002) These bright white thimble berry flowers will turn into delectible berries.

ButtercupsButtercups (04/27/2006) I believe this is the subalpine buttercup. It is in the Ranunculaceae family. They bloom shortly after the snow melt.

Spring BeautySpring Beauty (04/27/2006) I focused on the white Spring Beauty with three yellow buttercups in the foreground.

Spring LilySpring Lily (04/27/2006) An Glacial Lily preparing to Spring.

Spring BeautySpring Beauty (04/27/2006) Trying to get a close up of a Spring Beauty.

WildflowerWildflower (05/08/2001)

Desert FlowersDesert Flowers (05/27/2003)

123 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-123


When visiting the Mountain West, one should take the time to view the beautiful wildflowers lining trails and mountainsides. This gallery includes images of Wildflowers.

Although I am not a professional botanist, I will try include family and genus with the pictures. When I feel daring, I will include the species. Feel free to correct my mistakes. See Flowers by Family for my best guesses at classifying the plants.

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