Church Fork Picnic Area

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Start of the TrailStart of the Trail (10/27/2008) This is the start of the Church Fork trail above the picnic area.

Church ForkChurch Fork (10/27/2008) This sign marks the entrance to the Church Fork picnic area. Hikers are wise to park alongside the road and walk through the picnic area.

Church Fork StairsChurch Fork Stairs (10/27/2008) A staircase follows Churck Fork through the picnic area to the trail head.

Picnic Table in the FallPicnic Table in the Fall (10/27/2008) Fall leaves decorate a table in the Church Fork picnic area.

Picnic by the StreamPicnic by the Stream (10/27/2008) Church Fork bubbles through the Church Fork picnic area.

Crisp Fall EveningCrisp Fall Evening (10/27/2008) Picnic tables in the Fall.

Save the SlopesSave the Slopes (10/27/2008) The slopes around the picnic area have been damaged by picnickers playing on the steep slopes.

Cascading StreamCascading Stream (10/27/2008) The Church Fork of Mill Creek goes through multiple cascades in the picnic area.

Trees in the FallTrees in the Fall (10/27/2008) A view of church fork picnic area in the Fall.

Bubbling through the CulvertBubbling through the Culvert (10/27/2008) The winding road through the picnic area provides a break for the bubbling stream.

Church Fork FallsChurch Fork Falls (10/27/2008) There is a small falls at the top of the Church Fork picnic area.

Picnic Area in the FallPicnic Area in the Fall (10/27/2008) Nature's pallette reaches its peak in the Fall.

Church Fork CascadeChurch Fork Cascade (10/27/2008) This cascade is at the start of the Church Fork trail.

Erosion ControlErosion Control (10/27/2008) The Forest Service is attempting some sort of erosion control effort on the slopes above the Church Fork area.

Erosion ControlErosion Control (10/27/2008) A second area of erosion control above the Church Fork Picnic area. It almost appears as if they were removing a layer of rock.

ReefReef (10/27/2008) The Church Fork trails winds past an intriguing layer of rock. It appears to be some sort of ancient reef.

Exposed RootsExposed Roots (10/27/2008) Tree roots broke through this layer of sedimentary rock, then were exposed by the cut for the trail.

Exposed RootsExposed Roots (10/27/2008) Don't tell this tree, but it's roots are showing. The roots were exposed by the trail cut of the Church Fork Trail.

Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail (10/27/2008) The Pipeline Trail crosses Church Fork a few hundred yards above the picnic area.

Gobblers Nob & Mt RaymondGobblers Nob & Mt Raymond (10/27/2008) The Pipeline Trail provides multiple views of the Mill Creek ridgeline.

77 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-77

Church Fork Picnic Area

The Church Fork picnic area is in Mill Creek Canyon just below the Mill Creek Inn restaurant. The area has a combination of family sized and group picnic areas.

The Mount Grandeur Trail starts at the top of the Church Fork Picnic area. This trail is on the North side of Mill Creek Canyon. As such, it has south facing slope face. The vegetation around the trail is of a heartier desert variety than the Desolation Trail.

The Mount Grandeur Trail crosses the Pipeline Trail (a popular trail for mountain bikes) then heads to the top of Mount Grandeur where you find a grand view of the Salt Lake Valley.

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Desolation Trail (71 pictures) The Desolation Trail is a half mile upstream from Church Fork on the other side of the canyon.

Pipeline Trail (129 pictures) The Mount Grandeur Trail crosses the Pipeline Trail. The Church Fork Picnic Ground is a primary access to this popular bike trail.

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Additional pictures of Mill Creek Canyon.


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