Skyline High School

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Mt OlympusMt Olympus (03/01/2013) Mount Olympus viewed from Wasatch Junior High School [3750 South 3100 East].

SkylineSkyline (03/18/2008) I decided to crash the Millcreek Township meeting at Skyline.

Skyline CourtyardSkyline Courtyard (03/18/2008) There is a large courtyard with picnic tables in the center of Skyline High School.

Skyline CourtyardSkyline Courtyard (03/18/2008) The distinctive peak of Mount Olympus is visible from the Skyline Courtyard.

Skyline LockersSkyline Lockers (03/18/2008) Blue lockers line the hallways at Skyline High School.

Millcreek TownshipMillcreek Township (03/18/2008) I was visiting the school for a presentation on Millcreek Township.

A Crowd GathersA Crowd Gathers (03/18/2008) A crowd gathers for the township meeting in the Skyline Gymnasium.

Full CrowdFull Crowd (03/18/2008) A crowd filled the Skyline gymnasium to hear about the Township plan.

Skyline High GymSkyline High Gym (03/18/2008) This is a picture of the Welcome to Skyline High School Banner and championship banners.

Townhall MeetingTownhall Meeting (03/18/2008) A week ago, most of these people did not know they were in a township. Today, they are in the first big townhall meeting.

Skyline CourtyardSkyline Courtyard (03/18/2008) I snuck out of the meeting early to get a few pictures of last light.

Skyline EagleSkyline Eagle (03/18/2008) A bronze relief of the Skyline Eagle Mascot adorns the main hall of the school.

Skyline InteriorSkyline Interior (03/18/2008) This is the main hall of Skyline High School in Salt Lake City.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (03/18/2008) This is the main entrance to Skyline High School.

Skyline at DuskSkyline at Dusk (03/18/2008) The exterior of Skyline at Dusk.

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool (03/18/2008) Skyline has a large indoor swimming pool with really bright lights.

North sideNorth side (03/18/2008) This is the north side of the building.

West EntranceWest Entrance (03/18/2008) Mount Olympus peaks over the west entrance of skyline.

Secret PassageSecret Passage (03/31/2006) A walkway to Skyline High School.

Old WasatchOld Wasatch (03/31/2006) The Old Wasatch Junior High School was burned in a fire in 2005. The building is waiting reconstruction.

56 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-56

Skyline High School

Skyline is a High School in the Salt Lake Valley. Skyline is located on the east benches at 3251 East 3760 South. This is near the junction of I215 and the Mill Creek Canyon Road.

The school has a large campus with football field, baseball field, soccer field and swimming pool. The campus has grand views of the Mount Olympus and Mill Creek Canyon.

Wasatch Junior High School is due West of Skyline. The Wasatch Junior High School building caught fire in summer 2005. The students of Wasatch are attending school in trailers outside the Church Hill Junior High School while Granite School District rebuilds the school.

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Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Skyline is on Upland Drive (which turns into the Mill Creek Canyon Road).

Utah Schools (56 pictures) Skyline is in the Granite School District which serves students in central Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Skyline has spectacular views of Mount Olympus.

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) The canyon is due West of I215.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) The high school is near (on the other side of the free) the intersection of Wasatch Boulevard and Mill Creek Canyon road.

Churchill Junior High School (49 pictures) Many graduates of Churchill Junior High School attend Skyline.

Granite Education Center (16 pictures) Skyline High School is in the Granite School District.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) Skyline High School is in the Mill Creek Township.

Olympus High School (34 pictures) Olympus High School is on the corner of 2300 East 3900 South in Holladay.


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