Magna, Utah

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Kennecott CopperKennecott Copper (03/11/2006) Kennecott Copper Facilities on the north end of the Oquirrh Mountains.

Colosimo sColosimo s (03/11/2006) A storefront in central Magna, Utah.

Magna TimesMagna Times (03/11/2006) Store front in historic Magna, Utah.

Downtown MagnaDowntown Magna (03/11/2006) Buildings in historic downtown Magna.

Gem Bowling AlleyGem Bowling Alley (03/11/2006) The abandonned Gem Bowling Alley in Magna.

Senior CenterSenior Center (03/11/2006) The Magna Senior Center.

Magna TimesMagna Times (03/11/2006) Magna Times building in downtown Magna.

Magna Ethnic and Mining MuseumMagna Ethnic and Mining Museum (03/11/2006) The Magna Ethnic and Mining Museum in Magna, Utah.

Downtown MagnaDowntown Magna (03/11/2006) Building on Main in Magna, Utah.

EmpressEmpress (03/11/2006) Empress building in downtown Magna. The Kennecott Power Plant is on the hill.

Downtown MagnaDowntown Magna (03/11/2006) Downtown Magna, Utah.

Historic MagnaHistoric Magna (03/11/2006) Historic Magna, Utah.

Kennecott Power PlantKennecott Power Plant (03/11/2006) This power plant at Kennecott dominates the view of Magna.

9200 West9200 West (03/11/2006) This is a picture of 9200 West. This street defines the west end of Magna.

Magna StreetMagna Street (03/11/2006) Magna has tree lined streets with several entry level housing.

Magna HouseMagna House (03/11/2006) Interesting house. It appears to be constructed of railroad ties.

Magna AbodeMagna Abode (03/11/2006) This is a comfortable one room house, with a shed out back.

Magna HouseMagna House (03/11/2006)

Our Lady of LourdsOur Lady of Lourds (03/11/2006) Our Lady of Lourds Church in Magna, Utah.

Old ShackOld Shack (03/11/2006) An old shack in a field in Magna.

34 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-34

Magna, Utah

Magna, Utah sits at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains on the West end to the Salt Lake Valley. The coordinates are 40°42'6" North, 112°5'9" West. The town uses the Salt Lake Number Grid. Downtown Magna is near 2700 South 9000 West. The town's population in 2000 was 22,770 people in 6,562 households.

Images of downtown Magna are dominated by the Kennecott Power Plant. The power plant converts fossil fuels to electricity for use in the smelter, which is just Northwest of Magna.

Magna has a reputation as blue collar town. Magna is one of the few places in the Salt Lake Valley that has the old style starter home. When I took this set of pictures in 2006, I was sadden to see that many of the shops in historic downtown Magna were closed. Considering the convenient access Magna has to the mountains, the Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake Valley, I would suspect this to be an area that will revive in the future.

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Context: Towns-Utah

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Magna is on the West End of the Salt Lake Valley.

Oquirrh Mountains (38 pictures) Magna is on the North East side of the Oquirrh Mountains.

Tooele, Utah (46 pictures) Tooele is the next town to the West (on the other side of the Oquirrhs).

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) Magna is just South of Highway 201, which many people use in lieue of I80.

Magna Park (27 pictures) Magna Copper Park is just north of downtown Magna.


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