Provo River

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Provo River FallsProvo River Falls (06/06/2006) A water fall on the Provo River. This is just above the Slate Canyon Falls.

Provo River CascadeProvo River Cascade (06/06/2006) The Provo River tumbling over slate shelves in the Uinta Mountains.

Hanging GardenHanging Garden (06/06/2006) A hanging garden above the Provo River in Slate Canyon.

Hanging GardenHanging Garden (06/06/2006) A hanging garden clings to a small spring in Slate Canyon.

In the CanyonIn the Canyon (06/06/2006) Looking down on the Provo River from the Mirror Lake Highway.

Provo RiverProvo River (06/06/2006) Provo River from Slate Canyon Overlook.

Slate Canyon FallsSlate Canyon Falls (06/06/2006) Provo River Falls from the Slate Canyon Overlook.

FleabaneFleabane (06/06/2006) Flowers at the Provo River overlook.

Duchesne TunnelDuchesne Tunnel (06/06/2006) Built in 1952, this tunnel diverts water from the Duschesne River into the Provo River.

Duchesne DiversionDuchesne Diversion (06/06/2006) The Duchesne Diversion Canal (off the Mirror Lake Highway). This water was on route to the Pacific. The diversion now has it aimed at a salty end in the Great Salt Lake.

Provo RiverProvo River (06/06/2006) The Provo River at the Duchesne River Campground ... just before it joins the Duchesne River diversion.

Duchesne River DiversionDuchesne River Diversion (06/06/2006) The Duchesne River Diversion just before it flows into the Provo River.

PinaceaePinaceae (06/06/2006) A close up of a Pine Tree's reproductive system.

Provo RiverProvo River (06/06/2006) The Provo River from the Soapstone road Bridge.

Soapstone Area BridgeSoapstone Area Bridge (06/06/2006) The Soapstone road accesses stretches in the Southwestern area of the Uinta Mountains.

Provo River AreaProvo River Area (06/06/2006) A sampling of the images of the Soapstone Area of the Uinta Mountains.

Upper Provo River ValleyUpper Provo River Valley (06/03/2006) A view of the Upper Provo River Valley from Bald Mountain Pass on the Mirror Lake highway.

InteresectionInteresection (10/03/2006) Intersection of the Provo Canyon Road (U189) and the Alpine Loop (S92).

The Provo River RoadThe Provo River Road (10/03/2006) Looking up the Provo River Road from the Intersection with the Alpine Loop road.

Outcropping of RockOutcropping of Rock (10/03/2006) An outcropping of rock along the Provo River.

107 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100 , 100-107

The Provo River

The Provo River is a primary drainage system of the Great Basin. The river starts in the high Uinta Mountains and flows westward toward the Jordanelle Reservoir.

The river flows southward from the Jordanelle Dam through the Heber Valley Deer Creek Reservoir. From the Deer Creek Reservoir, the river flows Southwest through Provo Canyon (just south of Mount Timpanogos). The river empties into the Utah Lake near Provo, Utah.

The river between Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake is called the Jordan River.

For some reason that I have yet to fathom, the section of the Provo River in the Uinta Mountains is administered by the Wasatch Cache National Forest. The section of the river that flows through the Wasatch Mountains is administered by the Uinta National Forest.


Context: Rivers

Uinta Mountains (51 pictures) The Provo River starts in the Uinta Mountains and flows westward.

Provo River Falls (17 pictures) This gallery includes multiple images of the Provo River Falls in the Uinta Mountains.

Mirror Lake Highway (167 pictures) The Mirror Lake Road provides access to the Provo River in the Uinta Mountains.

Jordanelle Reservoir (27 pictures) The Jordanelle Dam (Just north of Heber) was completed in 1992.

Heber City (74 pictures) The Provo River runs between Heber and Midway, Utah.

Midway, Utah (40 pictures) The Provo River flows between Midway and Heber.

Mount Timapnogos (25 pictures) The Provo River flows to the South of Mount Timpanogos.

Highway 89 (20 pictures) US 189 (a spur of U89) runs through Provo Canyon between Provo and Heber.

Provo, Utah (17 pictures) The Provo River flows through Provo, Utah.

Utah Lake (17 pictures) The river flows into Utah Lake.

Jordan River Parkway (104 pictures) The water from Utah Lake flows northward through the Jordan River to the Great Salt Lake Lake.

Alpine Loop (101 pictures) The Alpine Loop (S92) starts at the Provo River Road, the wraps behind Mount Timpanogos to the American Fork Canyon.

Canyon Glen Park (19 pictures) Canyon Glen Park is part of the Provo River Trail system east of Provo.


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