Sand Flats Recreation Area

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FinsFins (10/20/2005) Sandstone fins viewed from the road to Sand Flats

Sandstone FinsSandstone Fins (10/20/2005) A sandstone cliff marks a homestead just outside SFRA.

Sandstone CliffsSandstone Cliffs (10/20/2005) Sand Flats Recreation Area is on a sandstone ridge overlooking the Moab Valley. This picture is from near the entrance to the park.

Regulations, Regulations, RegulationsRegulations, Regulations, Regulations (10/20/2005) A display about the park near the park entrance. Yes, you have to pay to get in. They have three boards ... and not one of them included the price of admittance.

Desert TreeDesert Tree (10/20/2005) This is a tree near my campsite. Don't count on finding natural shade. It looks like a juniper.

Desert PlantDesert Plant (10/20/2005)

Twisted RidgeTwisted Ridge (10/20/2005) Exposed sandstone in the Campground.

Sand Flats Recreation AreaSand Flats Recreation Area (10/20/2005) I am in campground D looking toward campground E in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Yep, there are quite a few sandstone cliffs.

Distant CanyonsDistant Canyons (10/20/2005) I am playing with my telephoto lens.

Petrified Sand DunesPetrified Sand Dunes (10/20/2005) The Navajo Sandstone is essentially petrified sand dunes ... Which is why the area has such an interesting character with small nobs and valleys.

Sandstone HillSandstone Hill (10/20/2005) A sandstone hill in the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Water BottleWater Bottle (10/20/2005) Be sure to bring plenty of water. I am about a fourth of the way through my orange water bottle.

Sand Flats LandscapeSand Flats Landscape (10/20/2005) The exposed sandstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Barren LandscapeBarren Landscape (10/20/2005) Sandflats in the Fins and Things area. Not much here, few plant. There is not even much dirt. There is just miles of exposed rolling sandstone. That's the beauty of it.

Petrified Sand DunesPetrified Sand Dunes (10/20/2005) Petrified Sand Dunes and distant canyon cliffs.

GullyGully (10/20/2005) A little gully in the sandstone. A recent rain made a puddle of water for a plant.

Sand FlatsSand Flats (10/20/2005) The Sand Flats area is a great example of what is on top of the canyon rims in the Canyonlands area.

Fins and ThingsFins and Things (10/20/2005) The Fins and Things Trail in Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Sand FlatsSand Flats (10/20/2005) Sand Flats ... As I recall, the distant cliffs are over the Colorado River Canyon ... the Arches area.

Fins and Things TrailFins and Things Trail (10/20/2005) You can see the black markings from tires on the Fins and Things Jeep Trail.

81 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-81

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Sand Flats Recreation Area is a 7320 acre "nationally significant public lands treasure" Southeast of Moab, Utah. The park is home of the famous Slickrock Mountain Bike Trail, Porcupine Rim Bike Trail and the Hell's Revenge Jeep Trail and a number of other trails that lead off into the slickrock.

Sand Flats Recreation Area includes a number of primative campsites. The camp sites include pit toilets, parking spaces and fire grates (you must bring your own wood). The sites do not include trash pick up or RV hookups. There is a dumpster at the Slickrock Bike Trail parking lot. The Moab recycling center on the road out of the park.

When camping in this area, remember you are on an exposed ridge. The reflection of sun off the slickrock is akin to snow. Bring lots of water, it is best to wear white long sleeve shirts and a wide brim hat, wear sunglasses and use plenty of sunblock. (See dressing for the desert).

Dogs are allowed in the park. They must be on leash in the campgrounds. They can be off leash on walks. The park service recommends against taking your dog on the Slickrock Trail. Did I mention that the area is extremely exposed? The reflection of sun off the slickrock is twice as bad for dogs as it is for humans. The sandstone hurts their paws. This is not a dog paradise.

Context: Recreation

Moab, Utah (138 pictures) SFRA is southeast of Moab, Utah.

Moab's Mill Creek Canyon (47 pictures) Millcreek Canyon Wilderness Study area is just south of Sand Flats.

Colorado River (96 pictures) SFRA is just south of the Colorado River. It includes the rimrock between Negro Bills Canyon and highway 191.

Granstaff Canyon (14 pictures) The Negro Bill Canyon Recreation Area defines the northern boundary of the SFRA.

Castle Valley (53 pictures) The Porcupine Rim Trail starts in the SFRA. It winds follows the rim between Negro Bill and Mill Creek canyon area then follows the Porcupine Ridge (overlooking Castle Valley) before dropping into the Colorado River Canyon.

Slickrock Trail (34 pictures) Pictures from the Slickrock trail.


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