Kimball Junction

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Visitor InformationVisitor Information (09/13/2008) This Park City Visitor Information center is on highway 224 near the Kimball Junction exit. The information center has a wealth of information about the Park City area.

Authorized Access OnlyAuthorized Access Only (09/13/2008) For some really bizarre reason, they ban public access to the land between the Visitor Information Center and library. I past this tress.

Summit County LibrarySummit County Library (09/13/2008) This new Summit County Library sits on a hill overlooking Kimball Junction.

Summit County LibrarySummit County Library (09/13/2008) The Summit County Library is part of a new government complex on the hill above Kimball Junction.

RedstoneRedstone (09/13/2008) This is the entrance to the Redstone shopping district off highway 224 in Kimball Junction. Highway 224 is the primary entrance to Park City which is in the valley over the hill on the left.

Kimball JunctionKimball Junction (09/13/2008) Kimball Junction sports a number of shops and a sporting complex with a modern facade.

Ski JumpsSki Jumps (09/13/2008) The Park City Visitor Information station is on the road turning into the Olympic Park area. This picture shows the Olympic Ski jumps.

Utah Olympic ParkUtah Olympic Park (09/13/2008) The Park City Information Center is at the entrance to the Utah Olympic Park near the Kimball Junction exit off I80.

Highway 224Highway 224 (09/13/2008) This is highway 224 running from Kimball Junction to Park City. The highway hugs the base of the mountain as it zigzags over the hill.

Park City Visitor CenterPark City Visitor Center (09/13/2008) There is a small collection of picnic benches and chairs on the West side of the visitor center.

Ecker HillEcker Hill (09/13/2008) The Utah Olympic Park features ski jumps for winter fun and zip lines for summer fun.

Park EntrancePark Entrance (09/13/2008) This contraption marks the entrance of the Utah Olympic Park off Highway 224 that runs from Kimball Junction to Park City.

Ecker Hill Middle SchoolEcker Hill Middle School (01/26/2006) Ecker Middle School, as seen from the east bound Rest Stop on I80 just before Kimball Junction.

Ecker HillEcker Hill (01/26/2006) The Ecker Hill area viewed from rest stop on I80.

Ecker Hill Middle SchoolEcker Hill Middle School (01/26/2006) The new Ecker Hill Middle School is off I80 near Kimball Junction in Summit County.

Ecker Hill Middle SchoolEcker Hill Middle School (01/26/2006) Ecker Hill Middle School ... where the snow is deep.

Wasatch MountainsWasatch Mountains (01/26/2006) The Wasatch Mountains viewed from Ecker Hill Middle School.

Ecker Hill Middle SchoolEcker Hill Middle School (01/26/2006) Ecker Hill Middle School

Hi Ute RanchHi Ute Ranch (01/26/2006) The Hi Ute Ranch in the Wasatch Mountains. The ranch is a few miles west of Kimball Junction.

Kimball JunctionKimball Junction (01/26/2006) Kimball Junction at dusk.

39 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-39

Kimball Junction

Kimball Junction is a small town on the intersection of I80 and State 224. This is the most common exit for people to take when traveling between Salt Lake City and Park City.

When I first moved to Salt Lake, Kimball Junction was little more than a gas station and a few houses. In recent years Kimball Junction has sprouted to a rather substantial town on its own. The town features a large number of condos, hotels and shops.

Shoppingwise, Kimball Junction is home to the Tanger Factory Outlet and Redstone Shopping Center. This area houses the big box stores and traditional mall stores.

Park City proper tends to attract artsy,

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Interstate 80 (98 pictures) Kimball Junction is at the intersection if I80 and highway 224. This is the road you take from Salt Lake City to Park City.

Newpark (39 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of the Newpark Development on the Eastside of Kimball Junction.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) Kimball Junction has a resort character of Park City.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Westbound, Salt Lake City is the next major stop after Kimball Junction going West.

Utah Olympic Park (101 pictures) The Utah Olympic Park overlooks Kimball Junction.

Wanship, Utah (27 pictures) Wanship is East of Kimball Junction on I80.

Park Avenue (50 pictures) Highway 224 turns into Park Avenue in Park City.


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