South Temple

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777 South Temple777 South Temple (04/10/2014) An stately multi-storied complex houses the lucky residences at 777 South Temple in Salt Lake. I would love to have a room on the seventh floor of this building.

824 South Temple824 South Temple (04/10/2014) If I were made the boss of things, every house would have a turret. This well rounded house is at 824 South Temple.

Stately ManorStately Manor (11/21/2013) A stately manor on South Temple near 1300 East.

Winding WalkwayWinding Walkway (11/21/2013) A winding Walkway through Reservoir Park on South Temple leads to University Drive.

Holy Cross ChapelHoly Cross Chapel (11/21/2013) Holy Cross Hospital was established in 1875. The chapel was constructed in 1904 and is one of the first Catholic Churches built in the state. I like the way that the new building was designed to surround the old.

South Temple UnderpassSouth Temple Underpass (11/21/2013) This underpass on South Temple connects a school with a playground.

E Street UnderpassE Street Underpass (11/21/2013) The two cement structures conceal an underpass connecting a school with a playground on South Temple.

Blue TurretBlue Turret (11/21/2013) A stately blue house near 1200 East South Temple.

South Temple EstateSouth Temple Estate (11/21/2013) South Temple used to be the premiere neighborhood of Salt Lake. This stately mansion features a porch with two story columns.

Blue House on 1200Blue House on 1200 (11/21/2013) This blue house is just of South Temple on 1200 East.

South Temple HouseSouth Temple House (11/21/2013) A house facing South Temple.

TurretsTurrets (11/21/2013) This view shows houses on 1200 East from South Temple. Personally, I think every house should have a turret.

South Temple AbodeSouth Temple Abode (11/21/2013) A house near 1220 East on South Temple.

1229 South Temple1229 South Temple (11/21/2013) A brick house stands at 1229 South Temple.

1242 South Temple1242 South Temple (11/21/2013) Stately homes line South Temple on the 1200 East Block.

1229 South Temple1229 South Temple (11/21/2013) Another view of 1229 South Temple.

1264 South Temple1264 South Temple (11/21/2013) A view of 1264 South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Apartment ComplexApartment Complex (11/21/2013) An established apartment complex graces South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City near 1300 East.

O South TempleO South Temple (03/20/2013) A building at the corner of South Temple and O Street (O street turns into 100 east).

1116 South Temple1116 South Temple (03/20/2013) A colonial style house at 1116 South Temple.

208 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-208

South Temple

South Temple is a road running East West in Salt Lake City, Utah. The road stretches from the University of Utah to the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake. One of the major roads in the Salt Lake Valley, South Temple offers an extremely interesting combination of architecture including the LDS Temple, The Salt Lake Cathedral, The Salt Lake Presbyterian Church, the Governors Mansion, Masonic Temple, Abravanel Hall, the Delta Center and other notable structures. Architecture buffs will enjoy examining the contrasts of style on this amazing street.

Context: City Streets

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) South Temple is a central street in downtown Salt Lake City.

Temple Square (115 pictures) South Temple defines the south side of Temple Square and the central point for the Salt Lake City street numbering system.

State Street-Salt Lake City (250 pictures) South Temple crosses state street in downtown Salt Lake.

EnergySolutions Arena (29 pictures) The Delta Center is on South Temple.

Main Street - Salt Lake City (129 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Main Street running through the heart of Salt Lake.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) South Temple ends at the Old Union Station (now the Gateway Plaza) in downtown Salt Lake.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) Trax runs along South Temple in downtown Salt Lake.

Salt Palace Convention Center (28 pictures) The Salt Palace is a Convention Center on South Temple and 100 West.

Avenues (37 pictures) The Avenues lay to the North of South Temple.

1300 East (26 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of 1300 East which runs South of North Temple from near Reservoir Park, past the U and to the South Valley.

City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) City Creek Center is a new (2012) shopping district running parallel half a block South of South Temple from State Street to West Temple.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center (37 pictures) Pictures of Salt Lake Regional Hospital which is between the blocks of 1000 and 1100 East.


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