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Furnace LightFurnace Light (02/27/2014) Our furnace was having trouble lighting. The filament on the right gets red hot. Gas blows through the jets. If all the jets fail to light it turns off. The unit needed just a little bit of dusting and works fine now.

Furnace at Full HeatFurnace at Full Heat (02/27/2014) If all the burners light, the furnace turns up the gas and runs at full tilt heating the house. If not, the furnace turns off and the house gets cold.

Oil SlickOil Slick (08/01/2013) A major oil slick appeared in our garage after a visit to Jiffy Lube.

The AwakeningThe Awakening (01/18/2013) My mother received this print by Bessie Pease Gutmann as birthday gift in 1929. She just passed it on to a great grand child. I checked eBay. The old prints are selling for about $30. Click the picture to buy reprints at Art.com

Rocket StoveRocket Stove (06/06/2010) My new rocket stove. This stove efficiently burns biomass. I can heat up my plate of beans with twigs dried stems and other pieces of biomass I would otherwise pay to haul away.

ZiscZisc (12/15/2009) Having lost Coco's Floppy Disc Frisbee, I decided to try a Zisc Frisbee from SitStay.com. I love the material of this frisbee ... except that the rim is a bit too large.

Empty PoolEmpty Pool (12/16/2009) One problem with pools, is that they turn into large empty pits after springing a leak.

K NexK Nex (12/04/2009) A construction set from K'Nex was a real crowd pleaser.

Reused UpReused Up (06/27/2009) My jute grocery bag is wearing out. There are holes in the bottom and troublesome holes by the handle (not shown). I've only used it about 40 or so times. I've reused my canvas bag several hundred times and it is still going strong.

Under PressureUnder Pressure (06/27/2009) The regulator to our house failed. The water in the hood was running at 126psi. Today I replaced the valve and it back down to a manageable 45psi.

Little Giant Ladder at WorkLittle Giant Ladder at Work (06/06/2009) I finally got to see a little giant ladder in action. When I get rich, I will get one myself.

Precarious CamperPrecarious Camper (02/22/2001) The camper is a little bit close to the edge.

Tea PartyTea Party (03/22/2009) This is my first shot at making a commercial shot for stock photography. It is a candlelit scene of a tax form and a place setting for a tea party.

FaucetFaucet (09/05/2004) There seems to have been a major leap in design in the last several decades. This is a new faucet we installed in the basement.

Garbage CanGarbage Can (03/31/2006) One of Salt Lake County garbage cans.

I found the leakI found the leak (10/31/2005) This pipe was attached to a garbage disposal. The pipe was completely brittle and sides tinfoil thin. So, I am wondering if it was just a bad piece of plumbing or if something has been eating out the innards of the pipes in the house,.

Pipe SectionPipe Section (03/11/2006) An old pipe section left on the Pipeline Trail.

Wind DamageWind Damage (03/11/2006) A wind storm blew over the extension on the folk's chimney.

Solar Powered FlowerSolar Powered Flower (05/19/2006) This is a really cool gift I got for my sister. The solar unit stores a charge during the day. The charger then lights up the fiber optics during the night. The unit is designed to mark paths in the garden.

Solar Powered FlowerSolar Powered Flower (05/19/2006) This is the Solar Powered Flower charging. There is a long cord, so the flower can be in the shade, and the charger in the sun.

63 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-63


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