Neff's Canyon

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Neff Creek CrossingNeff Creek Crossing (08/22/2008) The two planks were part of an old bridge. The creek takes a plunge alongside a massive boulder at this crossing.

Golden Eye?Golden Eye? (08/22/2008) Flowers along the Neff Canyon trail.

ErigeronErigeron (08/22/2008) A weathered flower along the neff canyon trail.

Mountain MahoganyMountain Mahogany (08/22/2008) Mountain Mahogany has curly feathered seeds.

Mystery PlantMystery Plant (07/02/2008) I was intrigued with the seed pods on this mystery plant in the carrot family.

Alpine WintergreenAlpine Wintergreen (07/02/2008) I believe this to be Alpine Wintergreen (Gaultheria, spp).

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) A dainty collection of flowers in Neff Creek canyon.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/02/2008) Neff Creeks sports a variety of Penstemon. There are so many species of Penstemon that I think the plant itself has a hard time keeping them straight.

Sego LilySego Lily (07/02/2008) Sego Lily is the state flower of Utah.

ThistleThistle (07/02/2008) Thistle growing along the Neff Canyon Trail.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/02/2008) An arrangement of Penstemon in Neff Creek canyon.

ToadflaxToadflax (07/02/2008) I thought I had found an exciting new flower. To my dismay, it turns out to be an invasive weed named Toadflax (a relative of the Snapdragon).

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) A single alpine wintergreen growing on disturbed soil in Neff Canyon.

ToadflaxToadflax (07/02/2008) Toadflax used to be included in the Scrophulariaceae family. It is now in the Plantaginaceae family.

WintergreenWintergreen (07/02/2008) Alpine Wintergreen.

PenstemonPenstemon (07/02/2008) Penstemon in Neff creek canyon.

ThistleThistle (07/02/2008) The subtle plume of a Goatsbeard and yellow mustard help make this picture of thistle stand out.

Butterfly on ThistleButterfly on Thistle (07/02/2008) A butterfly graces a thistle in Neff Canyon.

Hole in the TrailHole in the Trail (07/02/2008) County services dug a big hole in the trail to fix a pipe.

Cat in the TrailCat in the Trail (07/02/2008) The Mount Olympus Water pipe burst. This Cat dug a hole in the trail to fix the pipe.

256 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-220 , 220-240 , 240-256

Neff's Canyon

Neff's Canyon is a short yet distinctive canyon just north of Mount Olympus in the Wasatch Mountains. The canyon is a popular location for day hikes in the Salt Lake area. The trail head is at the top of the Olympus Cove. To get to the canyon you will want to take Wasatch Boulevard to Oak View Drive. There is a stop light and pedestrial overpass at this location. You drive east up Oakview Drive. You will then turn left on either Parkview Drive, Matthews Drive or Zarahemla. These roads will bring you to Park Terrace Drive then to the dead end street White Way. The trail head has a large parking lot and a water tank used by Mount Olympus Water.

The canyon drains into an area called the Olympus Cove. The rocks at the entrance to the canyon are limestone. At places in the canyon the strata is vertical. The steep slope of the strata in the area creates both the distinctive face of Mount Olympus and has created the deepest cave in the United States. The cave has a reported depth of 1189 feet. The entrance to the cave is chained off. The National Forest Service guards the key to the cave jealously. The various reports on the cave report that the walls of the cave are crumby and not good for recreational spelunkers.

Context: Hiking

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Neff Canyon is just north of Mount Olympus.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Neff's Canyon is in the Wasatch Range.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The canyon provides spectacular views of Salt Lake City.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) To get to the canyon, turn east off Wasatch Drive at Oakview. There is an overpass and stop light.

Desolation Trail (71 pictures) Neffs Trail eventually joins the Desolation Trail which starts in Mill Creek Canyon.

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Mill Creek Canyon is to the North of Neffs Canyon.

Winter Wood (54 pictures) Pictures of Neff Canyon on a snowy, foggy day in the middle of the Winter.


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