Price, Utah

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CEUCEU (09/28/2004) College of Eastern Utah in Price.

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool (09/28/2004) Swimming Pool adjacent to the College and Washington Park in Price.

Student Union BuildingStudent Union Building (09/28/2004) The Student Union Building in Price, Utah.

College of Eastern UtahCollege of Eastern Utah (09/28/2004)

TowersTowers (09/28/2004) An interesting juxtaposition of what I assume are water towers to sandstone towers in Price, Utah.

College of Eastern UtahCollege of Eastern Utah (09/28/2004) College of Eastern Utah in Price.

CEUCEU (09/28/2004) College of Eastern Utah in Price.

Prehistoric MuseumPrehistoric Museum (09/28/2004) This museum in Price, Utah predates history. Err, I mean, the museum features displays on the history of life in the West.

MemorialMemorial (09/28/2004) A memorial to US soldiers and veterans in Price, Utah.

Price City HallPrice City Hall (09/28/2004) Price City Hall in Central Utah.

Greek Orthodox ChurchGreek Orthodox Church (09/28/2004) A Greek Orthodox Church was built by Greek settlers who worked the mines near Price.

U6 in PriceU6 in Price (10/22/2005) Highway 6 in Price, Utah.

Highway 6Highway 6 (10/22/2005) Highway 6 just West of Price. The Wasatch Plateau is in the distance.

1-13 Pictures

Price, Utah

Price, Utah is a rural town in Eastern Utah. Price sits at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. Price is home to the College of Eastern Utah and the Prehistoric Museum. Price has easy access to the both the alpine landscapes of the Wasatch Mountains and the stunning desert scenery of the San Rafael Swell.

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Context: Towns-Utah

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The Wasatch Mountains are South East of Price, Utah. The Wasatch Plateau is South of Price.

Highway US 6 (10 pictures) US6 passes through Price on its Cross Continental Trek.

San Rafael Swell (18 pictures) The San Rafael Swell is South of Price, Utah.

Helper, Utah (33 pictures) Helper is due North of Price on US 6.


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